SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair


wow, you guys are absolutely amazing with these color edits!


ok, thanks, I still preferred to ask whether it’s alright to reup something you ditched

I would have loved to make a demo video featuring a few different “whole” sets and put the emphasis on backgrounds if possible, as we’re a few pushing that way, and post a link on Ono’s twitter page.

But I have no time at all to do anything, or even the diskspace necessary to start.
So if anyone out there feels like doing something that could be helpful, go for it.

Speaking of Stages, I noticed yours didn’t have shadows yet, here is little info to do it the way Capcom made it for whoever wants to add shadows :
in photoshop, simply add a grey multiply layer atop your edit, the grey should have the following values
code : 7b7b7b

We could still try something else like saturated colours on a blueish stage or whatever, but capcom’s simple shades work fine for now.
I did it for mine and a few wouldn’t work, Urien’s and Yun.


never got the hang of ESN’s site but is it possible to make edits directly from there instead of opening palmod?


Decided to try and get back into the swing of things.
Finished up my Dudley from a some pages back


And an attempt at human skin on but went with it still…



Hey Poot !

I still do use PALMOD, and finish things up with photoshop+ESN’s site for characters.
But you could use ESN’s, go to the new database, pick a character’s palette, and click the “arrow” button under a character vignette.
What I don’t like is the colours don’t change realtime, it still has a few annoying bugs and does not display all used colours (my extended spritesheets were not really convenient online).
Give it a shot, your feedback could help ESN !

I had done a couple big spritesheets displaying all used colours for 12 and Oro, but I think ESN disabled them for the time being as it was making a mess of the newer database.

You can still find them a few pages back here, and reup them on ESN’s addresses page as newer matrix, work on them in photoshop, and get the colour code from them.
Then, reup the curent spritesheet ESN uses to avoid messing things on his back ^^

nice to see you back.

@Suupa, nice to see you pop here, as you can see we still use PALMOD

@Jed, I like this dudley !

@ Command Dash, I like the twelve you did.


it’s been awhile. i don’t think i’ve done a hugo edit before so here it goes.




sorry mate, I’ve been really busy these days, nice hugo !

here’s how you add a new pal to the database :

go to the old database page

click “add new palette” and fill in the required fields.
it will auto generate a preview and display in the new database page

cheers !


some of this shit is fly as fuck



Just spotted what may be a possible problem regarding generating a ‘complete set’ 51 rom file. I got a hunch that there may be a file size limit on the Palmod site?

Latest set has all stages, all SA shadows & about half of the characters done/re-done/whatever but cant seem to generate a rom zip. Tested smaller packs and they seem to generate fine.

Had a similar problem with Remy’s stage as well when I was editing it (hardest stage to edit imo) as a few colour changes would make the file size too big for the server to accept.

Was gonna chuck icons into the set as well but cant seem to find the option for that…:smokin:

Alien Nose Job - I think I may have deleted your Sean stage by accident as I was clearing my own ones :sweat:

Can you re-upload it?



Nothing is really deleted (for the moment) but just deactivated.
Check in 3sPalMod which one is the deleted Alien’s one, copy its palmod code and recreate it.

Gonna check the “size” problem, though i don’t see where it can be located as i don’t use that much of memory in that part…


I added some options in the 3sPalmod Tool:

  • history of all your steps, that you can restore anytime
  • possibility to get the palmod code from an uploaded PNG file (useful for stages)
  • all palettes are displayed, including deleted ones. You can hide them by clicking on ‘toggle deleted palettes’
  • palettes having previous version will be displayed as a little tree, with those previous

Also in the ModifiedPalettesDb new tool, i added possibility to add a palette, and i started to make the update palette page (at last \o/).
Will be online probably in the next few days, maybe even tonight.


lol, happens, yes, if you reup it yourself, it saves me some time, thanks ^^
cool stuff ESN ! I’ll check it when I can ! (and thanks for reupping Balbar’s Elena and Ibuki stages)


Balbars > i fixed the problem
The Yun Shadow…stage code was too short of 1 color, i updated it to be correct.
I also checked the DB and deleted some other incorrect palettes having a wrong length.


Added possibility to update an existing palette, with same history behavior.
There’s still one bug when updating something big (stage, etc), update will stay on loading page (oror sleeping).
In fact, just wait ~1mn, and do what you want, update should be ok. Probably, again, my ISP having odd configuration…


thanks! got my hugo up there now.

i’m having a problem with firefox on the old site. when i load up a character, i can’t continue on to the next page. only the default page allows it.


What do you mean ‘can’t continue on to the next page’?
Also, new site is practically finished, you should use it instead of the old one.
I’m gonna make a short how to for all the tools when i’ll have time…


i’ll select a character to view their palettes and only the first page of their palettes are accessible. however on the main page where the new palettes are, there is a link for “<next 15>”. i don’t have this problem with IE only firefox.


Yeah, it doesn’t work well. Just use the new version, it’s way better anyway…


I got some bad news, there has been a re-dump of all cps3 games for MAME this has changed the internals of the rom a little bit. Instead of now each dump of the simm cards are now split into 4 files (2 megabytes).

Instead of 50 and 51 now its



use FBA instead.