SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair


It will eventually be on FBA’s rom set.


that sucks. i hope there’s an easy work-around but i have no idea how this programming stuff works.


It’s just a relocatation/mapping problem, not really hard.
But. I don’t see any reason to do it, as current version works fine and there is no need (for 3s) to upgrade to any upper version.


yeah, ggpo does not recognize the file when i change the palette file


hey, I’m not sure what you mean exactly, and I’ve not been to GGPO for quite a while, but I don’t see the romset changing there for a while.
Probably you refer to the pop up saying that the romfile fails the registry CRC check, in which case, you just have to press the ok button.


Right Im done for the mo.

Uploaded all revised character palettes, all stages, all SA shadows but cant find where to put the in-game character icons so left those out (maybe I could just send the 51 file to ESN to sort that last one out…I dunno)


Update: Downloaded the rom file and all the stages are not displaying correctly. I just get a pink screen. Any ideas on that one?


My bad, made a stupid error…
Should be ok now.
I also removed the ‘pink’ mode…

For the icons, we never take time to search their adresses in ROM so they cannot currently modified.
Btw, i always thought it would be possible to automatically processed them based on linked palette, as they may share the same colors. Will take a closer look when i’ll have some time (and motivation :p).


has anyone made a pink akuma yet ? XD


Ah ok, It’s just that the option is there in Palmod to change the in-game icons, so thought there would be some place to upload them to on the site.

Nevermind then, I shall keep them for myself for the time being :smokin:


What do you mean by in-game icons? I have the addresses for the select screen portraits somewhere, (the ovals) or do you mean something else?


Trying to do some jojo palletes…


Hey, some people like the “3 colors” stands haha.


Did you guys see the news? Capcom are charging for colour packs now. As if that’s not bad enough (no colour editor), I’m waiting to see just how many are ripped straight from this thread. This is just one more reason why I refuse to buy 3S:OE



I like all your work guys, this palmod palettes looks awsome! I’m wondering, if it’s possible to add this custom palettes to Dreamcast version of 3S? I saw music replacement mods for 3s or MvC2 but I’ve never saw color mods for Dreamcast. It would be great to see refreshed 3S version running on my favorite console.


Yeah, 3$ (so i guess 3€) for that.
Also, you cannot see them even on your opponent have bought that shit, lol!
No thx.
Anyway, i enjoyed all what we did here cause of the technical aspect more than just having some fresh color to play with.
Simply buying it is blank to me.


Me too, I still need to finish off everything I had planned and compile. Most/all of my links are dead now as well thanks to Rapidshare going down the pan.


Yup, I’ll see them before I decide, but it doesn’t sound too good from here.

Chances are they’ll take colours posted here or on ESN’s, and if they didn’t it’s likely they’ll do an awful job if it goes the same way as the new art and remixes.
Well, whatever they sell, we’ll see next week.

EDIT :::
LET, check out ESN’s stie, I sent him everything you sent me and/or posted here, as I figured you would like to back it up.
Filter with your name there and make a whole set, if something is missing, it may be labelled with my name as I reedited lots of yours, I may have forgot to rename some as being yours.


Bump @ #855


Don’t know how palettes are stored in DC Rom file but i guess they didn’t completely change their mind just for the dc version, so basically you just have to find the adresses of palettes with an hex editor and change values.


When you mount the DC ROM with Deamon Tools, it looks like this.
So probably the palettes are stored in COLOR folder, the problem is the amount of files, I have no clue where they might be hidden. The name of the files are little bit confusing. Here is the photo - http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/968/obraz2k.png

Hey guys, could you give the entire code of Ryus default palette (the “light punch” color)? So I can find it in one of this files with WinHEX. Thanks in advance.


Can you upload somewhere PL04PL.BIN for example?
What’s the size of the PL files?

IMO, the best way to find Ryu’s palettes is to blank all the others and then, one by one until ryu got his right colors, to copy paste blanked palettes with original ones.