SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair


Here you have the whole COLORS folder (266 KB) - http://www.speedyshare.com/files/30158072/COLORS.rar

Each PL file size is from 2KB to 6 KB


Those seems to indeed store palettes, as you can clearly see the “new palette hex flag” 0000 each 64 octets. But it doesn’t have the same format as CPS3 store method.
Should be a list of 2 octets between 0000 and 7FFF, but it’s not here.
Try the blank method i described above to find ryu’s palette file for example, so we can see values differences between DC and CPS3 format.


Gaijinblaze said :

colour pack 1 is available apparently (psn only at this time i’m assuming, since it’s tuesday).



I just saw them, OMG they are seriously trash. Like pure steaming dog pile.

What the hell??! I did see some on their that we did, but it’s probably coincidence (not sure about the red Urien…though).

Who the hell made these? I’d rather they just ripped some from this thread off, we have no legal claim to them.


I don’t see an colours I enjoy at all. :frowning:

Heck, this is better than what they have.


exactly, we chose to share, so I wouldn’t have minded either, except, I guess if they mix different styles it would just loose its consistency and look like a mess.
The shading is horrible.


I’m just really glad I didn’t buy the game. I’m not a 3S vet or purist and I think they made a huge mistake by not adding elements AND allocating the entire project to a US/NA team. Street Fighter should always be made in Japan, for obvious reasons and that’s not weeabo, but historical fact.

Dimps and the JP Capcom team have turned Street Fighter around and made it great again, why the hell didn’t they let them handle the project? It’s a port with superficial extras, Dimps could have turned that around in 6 months, it’s a real shame. I would have paid $30 easy if they’d thrown in a couple of characters. Hakan and T.Hawk could have woked so well in the 3S engine.

To me the game is just as much an ugly mess of a old but beautiful game, just as ST:HDR was. This is why you do not let community hardcore feedback ruin dictate project direction. From what I’ve been reading not even those guys are happy with it. Considering everyone pretty much shied away I will be susprised if they broke even, let alone made money on 3S:OE what a waste of an opportunity.

Sorry to rant, I’ve just had it with this port and the outright fugly colour pack that they laughably think is worth even $1 is just adding insult to injury.




Sorry but…you lost me FULLY when you said that.


Internet has been shitty for me so I’m starting to palette edit again. Cps2 this time Vampire Savior to be specific.






Guess where I got the B.B. Hood Palette.


Ah, maybe I should of worded that a bit better. In-game icons is probably a bit of an generalization :smokin:

The character portraits underneath the energy bars is what I’m referring to. They have the option to edit these in Palmod but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to put them on ESN’s database.

I will probably put a DL link up in due course as Ive pretty much re-done about half of what I’ve put up on that site originally :looney:. Those portraits will be included also…

EDIT: Just saw that colour pack & it looks like a proper rush job to me…

and is that some inverted shading on Elena’s tit I can see in her EX palette? Dear oh dear…:shake:


Whatever. They have, look up the numbers. You may like SF3 more than 4, but that’s irrelevant because they have injected new life into the brand which is what everyone has been asking for for years. Be sour, or call me an 09er if you wish, I don’t care - but if you can’t see what the Japanese team have done with the SF franchise after the US squandered it (EX anyone?) then you’re in denial.

To stay on topic, great Darkstalkers edits!


good fighting game = sales/popularity?

I think we’re done here.


i just got the color pack and it’s very hit and miss. there are some good ones in there, enough that i think it’s worth 3 bones. but there are some absolutely WRONG ones in there that make me think they used some kind of color generator or algorithm to do some of these. ryu and sean come to mind. ryu’s new black color and sean’s white gi are good examples. there are others but it looks like every character has at least 2 or 3 good colors, some of them are actually great strangely enough. worst part is if you want to see the good ones you’re going to have to see the bad ones as well. too bad they don’t have some kind of custom pack where you choose what color you want for each button. i mean that’s the least they could have done since they’re not giving us a color editor.
luckily i use oro and most of his came out ok. you have to see these in full body, not that jpeg floating around that just shows their top half. some look normal in that pick, especially the shotos. it’s the shoto’s bottom halves that are fucked up.
it would have been cool if they hired ESN to make a site for 3soe (more user friendly for all the new fans of the game who’ve never used palmod or ESN’s current site) where you make new color edits online and people get to vote on which ones they like best and that’s what you’d get in the next pack.


I wonder if they will release a colour editor down the line, knowing that when they do nobody will buy the colour packs?
In other words, why they release colour packs first and say nothing about a colour editor?
Sounds like Capcom monetisation policy to me, but I’ve not exactly been following Derek Neal on twitter or anything like that.


heres some yun and ryu (bad) colors i made just got into this but wish there was a way to make 3soe colors i hate the new ones why dont they hire someone to do them for free from this thread lol


That’s the thing tho: what do millions of ppl actually think when playing SF4? That it’s an exquisite venture into sophisticated yomi? They’re having fun I’m sure but I doubt they’re actually making the comparison’s between games that you are, so what they’re actually thinking isn’t really relevant.

Are they competent in both SF3 and SF4? (What is competent? To go deeper…) How can a soccer mom buying her two boys a game in reward for their good grades be the sole determining factor for how good a fighting game is?

Even in itself SF4 may be a good [fun?] GAME but is it a good fighting game? Better than anything else?

That’s like judging the quality of a post just based on how many likes it’s received. Sure I’ve seen some good ones get a great few but I’ve seen many more fall to the wayside just from where they were posted, or hell, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a post that would’ve gotten likes if ppl weren’t concerned about offending the person the post was making fun of.

SF3 had a ton of superficial reasons for not doing well initially (and I need not go into that) but I can hardly see that as a main indicator for why it’s bad/worse than anything else.

And what about rare games? Are those all bad?

Oh and I like how I have a chip on my shoulder and a learning disability because I don’t agree with your hollow opinion.


I hate doing basic color combinations(Blue and Orange,Red and Black) of colors but people still suggest them

Aulbath based on 3K Lei Lei requested by gb

Mango requested by Juno

8bit water it was a happy accident.

@catwilly nice you got a decent idea on how the shading works in sf3.


thanks i’m just testing out different stuff sometimes i find it easier to create my own color shades instead of using the rgb and hsl tickers. i wish there was a way to get these into the xbox 3soe version

oh and i’ve made some updates to the colors i’ll post when i’m fully satisfied or some in-game screens


Nice edits!

Raishin I never said you have a learning difficulty, I was talking about SF4 being successful in commercial sense, rather than what people think when they buy/play.
That combined with review scores means it’s a great game. Everyone has their own perspective it but I hope you can see it’s hugely popular.
It’s time to stop shitting on it, I’ve just gotten bored of 3S vets being sour and bitter about SF4, ultras, Ono and new fans. No-one’s hurting you, so what does it matter? My opinion isn’t hollow for all that it matters, but what I was saying was that by making SF4 an easier game to play than SF3, I think SF is better off for it.

You don’t have to agree with that or even consider it, but it is fact that because SF4 did well, we now have 3S:OE and bunch more games to go along with it.
By fact I mean, SF4 did well and Capcom execs greenlit other projects. That isn’t assumption, I know the execs because I work with them. Just calm down.


If any one wants to try out the vsav edits so far here is a Mame save state.
http://www.mediafire.com/?1pben68hedgb8fzIf you want the original colors just reload the rom either by Shift f3 or loading up a different rom and going back the vsav1.