SFIII:3rd Strike, Yun Genei-Jin Tutorial v1.2(100%) By mpikkon+nFBA Replays-videos, (Incomplete)

Yun Genei-Jin Tutorial v1.2 (100%) With nFBA Replays-Videos,
Update Feb 01, 2013 (OUTDATED)

I am sharing these nFBA combo-replays (*.fr, FBA video format) and this Yun Tutorial in Adobe Reader format (*.pdf).
You can learn combos and tips in the tutorial, then load and watch the combo-replays on nFBA Emulator v0.2.96.73

The Tutorial includes:

-Yun Bio
-All Basic Moves
-All Basic Combos
-Links-Set Ups into Genei-Jin such as xxGJ, SJGC, c.MK->genei-jin, shoulder tackle (LP/MP)->genei-jin
-Kara Palm and Kara Lunging Punch (LP/MP/HP) guide
-Beginner Genei-Jin Combos with Full Guide (middle, corner)
-Popular high damage combos, all done on Akuma
-Genei-Jin Combos with Kara Palms, SJGC and various enders
-High damage combos on small characters such as Oro, Yun, Yang, Ibuki.
-Genei-Jin Chain combos such as Keeper - Jin, Hook Punch - Jin/ Kara HP Loop Combo, Wave - Jin with/without Reset (corner, middle, full screen)
-Zenpou Tenshin/Cartwheel Combos (basic and advanced set ups)
-Genei-Jin combos + Reset with various enders (corner, full screen)
-Block Strings on a crouched character
-{St MP, c.LK} - Pressure Tactics
-Info and comments about the mechanics and use of Combos, Enders, Resets, Zenpou Tenshin and Block Strings.

What’s missing

True Kara Palm/Kara Kara Palm combos (No plans to add any)

[LEFT]**The goal in the tutorial is to help the beginners and any new Yun player to adapt to the genei-jin mechanics and master the kara moves and various combos. There are comments in many combos, especially in the beginning, to help you comprehend a particular set up. Master players may find useful stuff and ideas.*[/LEFT]

**All combos in the tutorial include inputs, screenshot and replay file name respectively. The replays work on nFBA v0.2.96.73 only! Do not load them on newer versions, they will not display correctly. Total, around 250 combos-replays. **


nFBA emulator v0.2.96.73: http://kaillera.movsq.net .
(Mirror)http://www.mediafire.com/?2vych543lset5ay (nFBA v0.2.96.73)

Yun Genei-Jin Tutorial v1.7S By mpikkon + nFBA replays here:

New Topic, Final Version - (“S” Release)

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the tutorial.

Yun Basic Combo video here:
http://www.mediafire.com/?gitd11cne45y1zh (75 MB file)
Includes all basic combos from this tutorial and 5 new ones.

How to install the combo-replays

1.Install** nFBAv0.2.96.73**. Make sure nFB Alpha Emulator loads sf3_3rd_Strike files successfully. Run “nfba.exe”, click “Game-> Load game” and select Street Fighter III 3rd Strike:Fight for the Future. If you already play Street Fighter III 3rd Strike:Fight for the Future on nFBA v0.2.96.73,you may proceed to the next step.

2.Extract the file: “SF3_3s_Yun_Genei-Jin_Tutorialv12_with_nFBAreplays_FinalUpdFEB012013.part1.rar” to the “recordings” folder in the nFBA directory. You must have Both part 1 and part 2 to do this successfully. Use the program WinRAR to extract.

  1. Run “nfba.exe” and click “Game->replay input”. Watch the combo you want to master and check the inputs in the combo section. Each combo includes inputs, screenshots and replay file name respectively.
    You may also double click on a replay to watch directly. There are detailed instructions in the tutorial.

Enjoy my Final work.

Questions/Feedback welcome.


09/11/2013 – Final Update. Added {c.MK->Genei-Jin, c.LK, Palm} setups on standing characters. More specifically: Necro, Akuma, Ryu, Elena, Q, Alex and Ibuki. Added {c.MK->Genei-Jin, c.LK, Palm} setups on a crouched Dudley, Remy and Urien. Lastly, added “Buffing the SJGC inputs in a low parry using method (2)” on section “Links-Set Ups Into Genei-Jin”. The project is considered officially finished and the tutorial updated to v1.7S (“S” Release).

none of those combos are hard

you’re not an asshat at all.

Added yun combo on alex and oro. Updated links in first post.

Added Issei yun combo on akuma, another chun li combo and various combos vs ken. No plans for further updates after this one or anytime soon. Good luck!

Links updated in first post. Moves list + screenshots now included in archive.

Missed highest damage combo on akuma. Link updated in first post.

How is he an asshat? These combo’s are already in the other 200,000 “New” Yun combo threads.

Do something glitchy, or catch the 6 palm after the super ends and continue to combo. At this point these are the only types of move sets that should be in a 2009 “Hey guys do this shit instead!!!” thread.

UPDATE 10/2/2009

Fixed KO yun combo on akuma.

All strong combos done on akuma.

Updated/Corrected readme inside archive.Links updated on first post.

Whats Left

Keeper-Jin combo
True Kara Palm combos
Hook Punch - Jin combo
reset combos

UPDATE 10/3/2009

Added reset combos on makoto.

Updated readme inside archive. Links updated on first post.

What’s missing

Keeper - Jin combo
Hook Punch - Jin combo
More reset combos
True kara palm combos

keeper jin
123 activate, cr mp, cr mk, st mp, st hp, cr mk (repeat last 3)

UPDATE 10/20/2009

Added another basic reset combo on makoto.

Added all yun basic, special, super art moves, profile, hints about kara and sjgc.

Updated the readme inside archive. Each combo now includes inputs, screenshots, and replay file name.
Hopefully, it looks like a combo tutorial now.

Thanks , dude!

UPDATE 10/21/2009

Converted word document to older format. Now, it should display accurately in case you use older MS Office versions(97-03).

Updated links on first post.

Added a download link for my Yun combo tutorial (10/21/2009) in *.pdf format.

Updated links on first post

Updated download links on first post.
Winzip archive includes my Yun combo tutorial, update10/23/2009 on both *.doc and *.pdf format.

I do not plan to add keeper-jin or reset combo set ups soon, because of my job schedule.
Enjoy this update and have fun.

06/21/2011 update.
Added high damage (with Hp Loop combo) and reset combos with various enders on shotos, ibuki, yang. Total 39 new combos.Small corrections, fixes on the Hints section

Updated download links on first post.

Tutorial completed 90%, updated JUL 3, 2011

**07/03/2011 **– Added high damage combos, genei-jin chain combos, block strings and middle and full screen resets on shotos, oro, makoto and other characters. Added all the missing combos from the previous update and retyped the whole tutorial.

Links updated on first post. Enjoy!

Btw, I have not included the inputs on Block Strings examples.I think the replays are self-explanatory.

Updated JUL 7, 2011

07/07/2011 - Added inputs on the block strings section in the tutorial. Small corrections in the tutorial. Optimized for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Links updated on first post. Enjoy!

Updated JUL 14, 2011

07/14/2011 - Added all basic combos(35 basic combos, pretty much everything).

Still no luck with Keeper-Jin…Arcade pad does not help, I guess.

Links updated on first post. Enjoy!