SFIII 3rdS Vids for combo's?

Hi there,

I am new here, and an somewhat oldtimer if it comes to Street Fighter.
Now I thought I was pretty good, till I saw a Video of Akuma VS other players in Streetfighter2 & 3 and MVSC.

I learn a lot from these vids and was wondering if there are more, and if so where could I get them.

I live in the netherlands, I have seen many tournaments on this site, but does someone no if these tournaments are being held in the netherlands?
And if so where in the Netherlands?

thnx m8’s


I have a few videos. My AOL instant messenger is in my profile.

hehe another fellow dutcher, go to www.drakenslag.nl for tourneys and all, theres gonna be one for 3s in like 2.5 week :smiley: good site, we dont have arcades with 3s, so its just good old dreamcast =/ but u should check the site out, its awesome :slight_smile:

and try sites like www.denjinvideo.com and www.karathrow.com perhaps www.sftchina.com for some vids, they update weekly or something, its all good shit :slight_smile:

Thnx man, maybe I’ll see you in a coup[le of weeks :smiley: :smiley:

lets hope my mum lets me X_x its my first time aswell, lets hope i can cope with those ppl, im pretty good, but ive only played cpu so…