SFIII:3S(CapKore)JPN Version Ques

After nearly a year and a half away, I’m itching for some more 3S and wanna get Anniversary Collection again but it’s scarce as hell and I don’t have the time to search. I saw the JPN version in stock on play-asia.com and had some questions.

Which port is this? (Hopefully Arcade)
Any modes or features that’s not in the AC version?
Will the mem card save work on AC and vice-versa?
(Not that it matters much but) How much of the game is in eng?

Thanx in advance.

I found AC on like amazon for like 30$ o_o

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (CapKore)

If you mean that one, all the menus are in English.
On the back of the box and in the instruction manual
you see a screen shot of a menu in Japanese
but it is in English in the game.

The descriptions (not the options) in the Extra Option Menu are in Japanese.

DarkNecrid, is that Street Fighter Anniversary Collection the Japanese version?

It’s a ported version of the arcade (just like SFAC). It’s made to play like the arcade version. It’s not 100 percent true to the arcade because the coding used to make the Ver. A arcade game was too complicated to recreate on the PS2. Which then Capcom just decided to redo all the coding from scratch for the PS2 and just try to make a port as close to the arcade as possible. They tried to keep a majority of the unblockables intact, dont get the delay in the button inputs like the Dreamcast version, etc.

There are no modes or features that are not in AC 3S. It’s basically a Japanese version of the US SF AC.

Memory card save wont work between both games. US SFAC and JPN 3S are still considered 2 different games (especially considering the region they are in) so you’ll have to make seperate files for both games.

Majority of the game is in English. Only the pre game copyright info, memory card menus and super art names are in Japanese (minus Twelve who still has the English acronyms for his supers). Couple other things I’m probably missing but majority is Engilsh.

There is no SF AC in Japan. Hyper SF2 and JPN 3S were released as seperate games.

I forgot, I wanted to get the Korean version some day.
KokoCapcom Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
But that one is so rare now.

Yeah seriously, if you want AC again here you go:
For PS2: (27$)

For X-Box: (16$)


You’re just lazy.

So for the Japanese PS2 version, can you skip the Versus screen as in the arcade version?

What is the purpose of “CapKore” versions of games?

Is it the U.S equivalent of PS2’s “Greatest Hits?” - same game, lower price?
Or are there usually extra features?

I noticed that Shadow of Rome was recently released in JP as CapKore, but that game has been out for a couple of years now.

The budget version in general.

In Japan, it’s common for 3rd-party companies to re-release games under their own label of “Greatest Hits” (CapKore, SNK Best Collection, Konami the Best) if the game doesn’t sell quite enough to get re-released under Sony’s own label of “Greatest Hits”.

In America, I’m never seen this happen except for Castlevania: DS, which Konami of America re-released under their own budget label.

Yea maybe so. But a 10 hour job, soon to be fiance, basketball at least 3 times a week, and classes will do that to ya. I’m actually suprised I still find time to try to game at all…

Thanks DarkNecrid, Takahashi0, and DevilJin01. I initially ruled Amazon and other similar sites out, thinking they would charge some ridiculous “MvC2 price” since this is getting pretty rare. I’m gonna go ahead and order AC end of next week(hope it stays in stock). Although I’d like to have the nice 3S box cover for cosmetic purposes. I actually made a 3S cover for my old AC. I’m lame…