SFIII:3S Clan - SPF2 Story


Here is the official clan ‘5TREET PWN4GE F1GHTER5 2008’ story. The maker of the clan is currently in the finalising stages of the story. More chapters will be added on an almost daily basis, as we form possibily the world’s first Street Fighter III: Third Strike clan. Clan SPF2 makes history in gradually becoming an elite SFIII:3S clan.
AJ, the maker of the clan will be introducing the clan forum where clan talk can occur, he has asked me to post the story here, and will be providing further chapters as he finishes the finalization of the chapters.

Note: It is still possible to join the clan even though the basic structure of the clan has already been formed.


Shortly before the Colony outbreak, business is as usual in SPF2 H.Q. A brand new recruit has just joined these special forces.

The name of that operative is Sex)packets.

AJ arrives at SPF2 H.Q with Sex)packets, while Wantonx and DevilJin 01 are listening to secret government plans through their modified radio:

  • Unknown voice: “We decided to set our Necros as finished, sir”

  • Response: “Finally it is over. We were getting way too impatient. We’re pleased you made it before the deadline”

  • Unknown voice: “Of course, sir. We just had some problems with our testers saying the beasts are not safe yet, but we reached an agreement with them.”

  • Response: “I see. Continue to perfect them, we will use them as our weapon in urgent situations. We never had this conversation.”

  • AJ: "What the hell are you two listening to there? Meet Sex)packets, now officially a SPF2 operative!! "

  • Wantonx ignoring Sex)packets:“Damn AJ, something fishy is going on… I don’t like the idea of some beasts used as a weapon”

  • AJ: “Ow you still thinking of that? Don’t worry, it’s probably those dolls we encountered near X-34i Colony in our last mission a week ago when they were transporting them, they aren’t so dangerous”

  • Wantonx: “I…I don’t think it’s only that, they are testing something with them”

  • DevilJin 01: “SEX)PACKETS , at last you are SPF2,I know just the way to celebrate!”

  • Sex)packets: “Vodka! hell yah! wait, I only see one bottle, you’re kidding right ?”

  • Wantonx: “Haha, now that’s a SPF2 talking”

Chapter 1: Unleashed Chaos

:Incoming transmission - intercepted by SPF2 HQ:

“We have serious problems … crrrr… X-34i … . send help . … Blankas are crawling…
HELP !!! … argh… … crrrr”

-Sex)packets:“Oh my god! You guys heard that?”
-Wantonx:“Huh?, is Sex)packets drunk again or…”
-DevilJin 01:“Come on everyone let’s tune in”

-Unknown voice: “This is serious news. It seems to be a Blanka outbreak in X-34i.We have sent a street fighter force to secure the area, they should be arriving soon.”

  • STREET FIGHTER : “Sir. we have arrived. The dolls you sent with us are restless. We can’t seem to find the street fighters that asked for help. We landed our chopper in the South part of town at the sector Alpha, there’s hardly any Blanka activity here.”

-Response: “OK. Scrub, release the dolls near the parts of town where you saw big masses of Blankas, then get the hell out of there. I don’t want to risk street fighter lives in this.”

  • STREET FIGHTER: “Sir. I’m not sure about this, the dolls are restless, and…”

-Response: “THAT’S AN ORDER. We don’t have time for your doubts Scrub. Unleash the weapon and get out of there. FAST !”

  • STREET FIGHTER: “Sir, yes sir!”

  • STREET FIGHTER: "Our team has managed to release the first Necro. He seems to ignore us. We are now going to release the rest of them."

  • STREET FIGHTER: “SHOOT HIM, SHOOT HIM !!screams GET BACK, emergency evacuation!! TAKE OFF, TAKE OFF”

-Response: “Scrub, what’s going on there? scrub? answer me!”

-STREET FIGHTER : “Sir. The whole team has been annihilated by the Necros.”

-Response: “I thought you only released one of them? are you ok street fighter?”

-STREET FIGHTER “We have released another Necro, but then they both went MAD at us, they started to break the other cages, our hadoukens hardly bothered them. I’m aboard the chopper now, and I’m afraid to say it sir, but me and the pilot, we are the only survivors.”

-Response: “We have not foreseen this. Can you see anything, scrub?”

-STREET FIGHTER: "TOTAL CHAOS. The dolls have completely destroyed everything, now it’s not only crawling with Blankas, but also with huge doll beasts!! If there are still street fighters in this town, they don’t have a chance…

  • Response: “Scrub get back immediately, we will have to think of something meanwhile.”


Chapter 2: A Cry for help

-AJ: “Damn now these is some weird news”

-DevilJin 01: “I never thought those doll experiment things would be a problem…”

-Wantonx: “We have to do something”

-Sex)packets: “Yea let’s go there and bust some caps ourselves”

-AJ: “No way I’m going there to clean these guys’s shit for free”

-Wantonx: “All right! you go AJ!”

:Phone rings at SPF2 HQ:

-DevilJin 01: “For fuck sake don’t tell me it is that damn publicity guy again…let me pick it up”



-: “haha, hi SPF2 , it’s me Roshihikari.”

-DevilJin 01: “Roshihikari? It’s been too long…how are you doing, my friend?”

-Roshihikari:“Well, you know, anyway I’m calling you SPF2 cause of… recent events…”

-DevilJin 01: “You’re talking about the X-34i colony Blanka outbreak?”

-Roshihikari: “Yea, how do you?.. ow yea never mind.”

-DevilJin 01: “Tell me what did you have to do with that?”

-Roshihikari: “Well I was actually one of the scrubs who’ve been there…somehow I survived, I assume you guys knew this?”

-DevilJin 01: “Damn we didn’t know it was you… are you ok?”

-Roshihikari: "Yea, say…you didn’t happened to get any…important calls since this event, did you ?
-DevilJin 01 :“What are you talking about ?”

-Roshihikari: “I might have thrown a word about you guys…”

-DevilJin 01 “What?! are you insane Roshihikari?? we are black ops, as far as anyone knows, we’re ghosts. Is that someone you spoke to a potential employer?”

-Roshihikari: “Kind of…if something goes down, let me know…I want in.”


-Wantonx: “What the hell was that all about?”

-DevilJin 01: “you’ll never believe it. Roshihikari is the scrub that survived the doll unleash process…”

-AJ: “No suprise here…Roshihikari is the man that can handle himself!!”

-DevilJin 01: “The bad news is he mentioned us to someone, I bet that this “someone” has something to do with this whole incident.”

-Sex)packets: “Yeah baby, these dolls sounds like a worthy opponent.”

-Wantonx: “As long as there is cash in my hand I’m cool, eheh”


-DevilJin 01: “Phone again…”


-AJ: “Yea?”

  • : “Are we talking with SPF2s?”

-AJ: “Yea you are. Need help at something?”

  • : “We are…related to the goverment. We need your support. X-34i colony is lurking with Blankas and we need an elite group for an infiltration mission”

-AJ: “Yea we know how you screwed up.”

  • : “Watch your tone with me…I have a proposal for you, if you are interested.”

-AJ: “Go ahead…”

  • : “There is a limited number of dolls inside the town, we want you to handle it. We will pay you 5,000,000$ for this operation.”

-AJ: "Hum,are you saying after seeing their true nature you still want them alive?!

  • : “We need to understand why this has happened, you either accept or you don’t.”

-AJ: “Ok we are into it. We need some transportation and the exact number of dolls.”

  • : “Don’t worry about that. We will give you all information you need and a chopper will be available for you.”

-AJ: “when are we supposed to go?”

  • : “You have 1 hour to get to our base and go. Is that ok or you need some more time?”

-AJ: “You have yourself a deal, 1h is fine”


-Wantonx: “Are you insane?! Those things ripped a whole squad in less than a minute!!”

-AJ: “Wantonx, you might be interested to know the bounty…5,000,000, in cash.”

-Wantonx: “Where’s my arcade stick?! Let’s go kick some ass !”

-Sex)packets: Grabs a bottle of ice cold vodka:“Well, I’m ready to go !”

-DevilJin 01: "Finaly…i’ll stand triumphant again…I fear no dolls, my fists will pierce them just like they did to those who stood in my path, when they’ll die I’ll be there! laughing! They messed with the big man and thought they could win ! yahahahahha… … … …huh ? ok let’s move out… "

Chapter 3: Sightings

Time : Colony X-34i Oubreak Hour: 22.00

The 4 SPF2s arrived at pick up zone. They are now told they have to bring one specimen alive in order to get the full payment.

-Sex)packets: “That’s bullshit. That’s just making our job harder.”

-DevilJin 01: “Harder ? We are SPF2. It will be easy as pie.”

They enter the chopper that will take them to the infected area.
The atmosphere is tense…AJ feels it’s the biggest mission he ever took, the great hunt.
Wantonx is writing : Good game, Necros!" on one of his fist gloves.
Sex)packets opened his bottle, and starts talking gibberish.
DevilJin 01 is feeling the edge of a rusty combat knife.

Roshihikari was sitting in the back, and all the SPF2s greeted him for surviving the Necro onslaught:

-DevilJin 01: “I see you didn’t lost your touch, Roshihikari”

-Wantonx: “Too bad you cannot go with us, you could be going to some real action with those dolls as well.”

-Roshihikari: “But I am going with you. I insisted, and now we can all go together to show them how it’s supposed to be done.”

-AJ: “I don’t like this. This is a SPF2 only mission”

-DevilJin 01: “Yea, AJ is right, perhaps you should stay here, Roshihikari.”

-Roshihikari: “If you think you’re keeping me out of this, you’re dead wrong.”

-Sex)packets “Can’t argue with that…Lets rock’n’roll !”

As they fly over the X-34i colony, you can see Wantonx doing final arrangements to his combat gloves, AJ’s eyes glowing as he managed to saw one of the beasts tearing a tree apart, DevilJin 01 just impatient to land and rip some dolls up, and Sex)packets is hogging his bottle, looking everywhere like he’s worried with something…

-Wantonx: “Whats wrong Sex)packets?”

-Sex)packets: “I…I’m not too sure about this…”

-AJ: “I can’t believe this! SPF2 elite, don’t tell me you are getting cold feet now!”

-Sex)packets “Hell no, its just…I’m not drunk yet…maybe this vodka is poor quality…I feel concerned.”

ETA: Few minutes until landing

-AJ: “You all know the plan right?”

-Wantonx : “Yep, we go in, unleash hell on these mutts, grab one by the neck and get back to H.Q”
-DevilJin 01 : “Bet I can score the most kills ! haha!”
-Sex)packets : “What the hell is wrong with this vodka ! I should’ve brought more !”
-AJ : “Ok enough chitchat, time to kick some doll asses, check your backpacks for stuff”

Everyone had around 20 Senzu beans and used different street fighting styles.

Sex)packets, specialized in fighting speed and crowd control, with advance combat training he can rip opponents apart with great ease.

DevilJin 01 has a way of taunting his opponents, and just as they come close enough to his traps, the last thing they can see before the ?K.O. All Right That?s Cool? is his maniac taunt.

Wantonx and his trusty Special Beam Cannon, is a legend in fighting, if he picks his target, most chances he’ll hit it, no matter what.

AJ, background unknown, is the leader of the bunch, always keeps his head on the ground, his main interest is above all else, to keep his friends alive, and his opponents knocked out.

ETA : Landing

Pilot (4y3paragon): “Hold on tight, we are landing”

As the chopper was landing, a window cracked and a massive Necro suddenly jumped from the side building on the chopper tail, tearing it apart.

Pilot:“Shit, kill the motherfucker”, While the Necro grabbed the chopper’s tail, standing fierce fists start to rain over him, in a matter of seconds the Necro is overwhelmed with massive fire and falls down towards the ground, after that you could see only a corpse of a dead Necro prototype.

With the chopper’s tail damaged the chopper is starting to spin around, closing in with the massive building near the chopper.

“HOLD ON DUDES!!!, WE ARE GOIN TO CRASH!!!” suddenly the chopper hits the building with its nose and broke all the windows that stood in his path.

The pilot was dizzy, but the crew managed to make it. FUCK FUCK FUCK!! , AJ looked upon the team, but 2 were missing. Sex)packets, “SHIT DAMMMIT, I need a fucking hand!”, DevilJin 01 looked upon the edge and saw Sex)packets holding at it with both hands all bloody from pieces of glass.

DevilJin 01 gave him a hand “Hey mate take a hand you almost died out there” , "Tx , but I need to patch up my wounds, btw I saw that Roshihikari fell off and a monster took him…poor guy , is the pilot ok?“Sex)packets looks to the chopper”, “Well Roshihikari chose his path nothing much we can do about it, anyway the pilot should be ok. Wantonx is giving him some morphine”
“Sex)packets, DevilJin 01 take your gear and let’s get moving we will have to find another way out of this shitty town as our communications aren’t working, and that’s damn weird” , “Wantonx and I will bring the pilot” says AJ, but the pilot was gone.

“Erm, where is the pilot exactly?” ,Wantonx replies , AJ :“Something is not right here I can feel it”, “Why would he leave us?” Sex)packets asks, “He didn’t WTF DUCK SEX)PACKETS NOW!” AJ yells and Sex)packets ducks without thinking and a massive shadowlike form jumps over him, it was a Necro.

Chapter 4: The Pilot

AJ was still standing aside. He pulls out his arm, aims for the Necro and punches. Flaming fists fill the air and pierce the hunter’s soft skin, tearing him apart. Its eyes flashed one more time before finally, the beast collapsed. He was dead.
Wantonx: “Nice beasting! Let’s search for that damn pilot… Sex)packets, are you ok?”, “Fucking bitch almost owned me, thanks, by the way I found my vodka hehe”, he takes his vodka bottle and drinks a little.

As the team quickly secured the area and examined the dead Necro - he was disintegrating fast - they moved to the lower level of the building. Strange noises could be heard, fighting noises - AWWWW AHHHHHH - …all coming from outside.

After a minute or so they arrived at the lowest level: a dark, large hallway. It was abandoned except for a person standing still in the furthest corner of the hall.

DevilJin 01 : “Doesn’t that look like our missing pilot, that ? 4y3paragon… or something?”

“I’ll go check it out - you stay here and keep your eyes open” said AJ.

As he was walking toward the man he paused for a moment. An awful smell filled his nostrils. Something was wrong.


He now recognized what it was as the pilot swinged his already rotten claw towards AJ. He parried it and kicked the hell out of the Blanka, took out his Shoryuken arm and beat the fucker back to hell.

At this point, AJ started to think that this mission wasn’t exactly going well - with all the orders to carry out, hunting those Necros and making it out of this cursed town alive, they had a hard task ahead.

Shortly after, as the team gathered around their dead pilot, they heard freaky sounds and shadows started to appear. The stench of the experiments and their bloodthirsty breath alarmed the team. They were coming!

DevilJin 01 : “Cover me! I’ll plant some explosives and blow the friggin’ building in the air so it collapses on them”

  • Fighting grunts all around - the team doing hadoukens at every direction, blood dripping on the ground.

DevilJin 01 ran for the most crucial and vulnerable parts of the building to place explosives. Wantonx covered him with his precise crouching jabs - his fists pierced every enemy they encountered.

AJ : “Sex)packets, clear the way for us to escape, MOVE PEOPLE MOVE!!! DevilJin you got the explosives??” The team was now surrounded from all sides, Sex)packets doing EX Hurricane Kicks towards the exit to make a clear passage, the others defending DevilJin 01.

DevilJin 01 : "RUN!!! Time to blow those fuckers up!!

The team went for the exit, dashing and punching in front of them to clear the only possible way out. Suddenly a flying creature known as ?Eleven? appeared at the entrance…
“Sex)packets, throw the Sonic Boom in his face NOW!, If anything happens we will meet at the ALPHA sector where there’s less experiments activity!!! Remember the briefing!!! And one more thing, DO NOT DIE!”


The exit was clear for a short while, with smoke coming out of the dead body. The team ran out of the building and a few seconds later…






  • explosions, cracks forming in the concrete, dust all over, the building was collapsing ?


Damn, this is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to hear how SPF2 handles the situation. I’m on the edge of my seat.

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