SFIII:3S in HD 3D would be so amazing


Same gameplay with possible re-balances in HD 3D mode but on a 2D plane.


No, what the hell is with some people wanting HD for every old fighting game ?




Hd yes. 3D no. i like my 3s nice and flat


I really think 3D really adds a weird feel on fighting games on a 2d plane. Like the game becomes more floaty, but that could just be me.


damn, are you trying to cover a thread per day quote or what? :rofl:


A 3s troll. I can’t think of another kind of poster that SRK would hate the most.


this dumbass getting banned would be so amazing


HD 3D…

kill urself. pls.


Fuck no, that is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. You are a pretty bad troll too. XDDD

How hard is it to relese the exact same game except with good online? Its that so hard for some people?


Niggas have they own quota now? I didn’t get this memo at all.


Troll harder.


a smash troll :looney:


Smash trollers, hands down.


wow, you guys will fall for anything




We’re trying to parry his troll attempt


FGD is turning into a horrible place.


its been a horrbible place.


Seriously…what happened while I was gone?

Was I the key to locking away the horrible things that happen, and my absence broke the prophecy of some legend?

I leave for a bit and FGD turns into shit!