SFIII: 3S - Online Edition


Just dont change anything.

GGPO netcode. Hell I will settle for HDR/MVC2 netcode.

And I am skipping school the week of release.

This will be bought on the first day!!! I had 3rd strike on the PS2 but i didnt have a stick, but now I can finally learn the game and have competition!!!:tup:


I’m buying 3 copies. I wonder if it will be DLC only.

OK, things I want implemented.

tourneys, endless quarter battle for 8 peeps, character specific BP, lobbies, remix and original systems for purists and new kids, team battles, replay mode with search functions,

GGPO netcode!
Balance tweaks, but original mode for purists.
Add Gouken!

why do you guys want ggpo so bad?

ggpo 3s sucks donkey balls.

Must have this !!

GGPO netcode is topnotch. The only problems you ever find is playing with others with high ping. If you play with someone with great ping then you will guarantee a lagless/near lagless match.

but anyways, 3-FUCKING-S!!! coming out to current consoles!!!

I wonder if any changes or HDR treatment! OMG, I can not wait!

Don’t really know what to say right now thats not been already said.I want more information first though,like whether its gonna be a straight re-release or if they are adding something else to the package.

Ono ain’t such a bad guy now is he?

Third will be back fucking harder than in the OG days. I’m hoping, anyway, since I haven’t been around when it was big. Can’t wait.

FUCK YEAH!!! buying day 1, buying a 360 on release as well.

this is amazing, SF is in it’s prime, 3s (being the best SF game) is gonna blow up huge, lets just hope they don’t “lower the execution bar” knocks on wood

best news i’ve heard in years

Hoping for the online of MVC2, the game should play like SF3, but who wouldn’t want some new characters? you know maybe somebody like Haggar?

Why change the game at all? It would just divide the community which would only make tourneys etc really lame.
And yeah I agree ggpo is never completely lagless no matter what.

Hell yea! Finaly! Now the waiting game…

on one hand rebalancing would make third strike a lot more interesting and would give it a fresh touch.
I mean you can still play the old third strike, even online so why not fresh it up a bit?

I won’t buy this unless they hire name_removed to rebalance it with a remix mode and contract udon to make all 1080p new sprites…

ok seriously, having a remix mode will immediately divide the community into halves, we already see what happens with ST/HDR


  1. flawless arcade port
  2. excellent netcode
  3. good online battle modes (1vs1 challenge, 8ppl endless, tournament maybe)

I need a 360.

And a jap stick.

Whats the news on this??

Dees nuts

GGPO? I hope so!