SFIII Geek looking for suggestions

Ok, so last year for holloween I went to parties, and to clubs in my Sub-Zero costume. Everyone got a kick out of it. I was surprised at the amount of people who recognized who I was…

So this year I wanna go as someone else… as Q! I know it’s early, but I wanna get it out of the way now when I have some money (and apparently, I might need the extra time). I figured the costume would be easy… but I have realized I have no idea how I’m going to do the mask. The rest it is cake, but the mask?

So… any suggestions? Does anyone know where I can get something similar? If you google “Q” and “street fighter” and click the “images” link, you’ll find pics of a cosplaying Q. Frankly, I think his costume looks like shit. I don’t want a mask like that either.

If I can’t buy one somewhere (or something similar so I can change it), I’m thinking I’m going to have to construct my own… with 3 possible ways of doing it.

  1. Ghetto painted cardboard… weee. I’m sure I could make it look good, but it will get all crappy and soft after like 10 minutes.

  2. Paper mache! That puppeteering course I took will actually become usefull to me! :slight_smile: I can make an exact copy of the mask, but it’s would be fragile, and it would be difficult to make it look like smooth, flat, and REAL metal.

  3. Buy sheets of metal, bend, shape, cut, bolt. The real deal. Probably the best option, but i’m not familiar with metal work and will probably take a LOT of time and designing.

So can anyone help a fellow geek out? If I can’t figure it out soon, it’s on to plan-B. (where me and my friends go out as various tetris blocks). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d just buy a really basic mask, one of those white ones that really is just a blank face. You could easily spraypaint it silver. It won’t look exactly like Q, but I think it would work.

I think you should go as Necro instead of Q! ;D I have no experience in cosplaying, but I was interested in seeing some pics of you as sub-zero. :slight_smile:

I’m not buff enough to be anything like necro… plus it’d be damn cold. :slight_smile:

The plain mask -> spraypaint combo is one I have considered, but that’s what the cosplayer in the google search did, and I think it looks kinda shitty. (See attached for a pic) Perhaps it’s the rest of his the costume that makes it crappy? (the mickey mouse gloves, wrong hat, the colors are wrong, he’s real short, etc…) I dunno.

I believe Q’s mask is a full wraparound headpiece, so I’m going for that. With some alterations however, maybe the plain mask X paint combo could be a viable option.

I should be able to get some pics of the sub-zero suit soon… my friend is using it this year, I’ll get a pic when he tries it on.

Sheet metal can’t be THAT hard to work with. Just don’t cut your face off! :smiley:

You oould also try to revamp a hockey mask. Remember the other thread? Q IS Casey Jones. :smiley: Actually, come to think of it, sheet metal around a hockey mask would be safe for your face.

My suggestion? Be Twel(e)ve. That’ll fuck EVERYONE up. Then run around the club & mimic what ppl are doing. And when they ask, tell them you’re XCOPY’ing them. :tup:



hell ya

go to Leather Fetishes or places alike. they sell SM masks. kinda looks like Q’s… i guess. with the exception of a couple zippers here and there.

here’s the list

One of those boring simple white masks, spray paint it silver.

Brown detective coat. Make sure to pimp it by poppin’ the collar up!

Brown slacks.

Brow fiddaro, hat whatever it’s called, with a lil’ red thingie around it.

black dress shoes.

White micky mouse gloves.

white button down shirt underneath with a red tie.

If u think u had some geeky costume(s) will I was once the decepticon leader, Megatron for halloween as well as Jon Talbain (Gallon) from Darkstalkers.

buy a cheap mardi gras or kabuki mask that isn’t fragile, idealy prastic, and paint over it, dunno how to make the eyes yellow though. i’m sure you could use like the glasses people use when they tan in tanning beds.

be sure the take pictures of you punching random people in the gut really hard :smiley:

stupid unrelaetd question; why do people write “Twel(e)ve”? with the parenthesis e parenthesis? instead of just “Twelve” i mean. i’ve been seeing it everywhere.

they suck at spelling? meh

Anyways that cosplayer in the photo looks like crap, like he found an old coat in his attic and wondered what character wears a brown trenchcoat. Nothing worse than half assed Cosplay.

I got an idea for the yellow eyes, get some of that plastic colored transparent paper crap. Make sure it’s yellow and tape it on the back side of the mask over the eye holes. Shit, hey it’s an idea to start with.


if you’re playing 3rdStrike on a coin-op, aka, in the arcade, 12’s name appears as TWELEVE in the screen where you’re picking which character you wanna play against. so it’s just poking fun at it. some sort of error that i guess went unnoticed.


Don’t do the generic white mask-painted-chrome thing, that’ll look lame. I say go for the wrap-around paper mache + chrome combo.

What about this?:


You’d need to cut the eyes slightly rounder, and tint them yellow somehow…what do you think?



i’d say that mask is the best bet.
and i think i figured out the key to making the costume look good. well, the reason that kid’s looks pretty bad is because it is loose fitting. make sure your trench cout is pretty tight, Q looks like he is filling his up pretty full.

i was going to dress up as Ken or Dan for MAGfest/halloween, but the best way to make the costume (hospital scrubs) is kinda expensive.

hospital scrubs are cheap as hell… in thrift stores! :slight_smile: Check out salvation army or Value Village or something and you should be able to find scrubs no sweat. I have a bunch that I use as pajamas. I bought them for what, 4 bucks?

I will definitely be picking up that mask Goryus… I’m still going to try making it myself, but it would be nice to have something to fall back on. Plus, it’s only 5 bucks. :slight_smile:

For the yellow eyes, I don’t know If i’ll put them in… but if I do, I was figuring I could buy a shitty pair of cheap yellow sunglasses. Bust out the lenses and uses them for the eyes. Perhaps put some lights beehind them in the mask so they would light up? I wouldn’t want them lit up ALL the time though, because I wouldn’t be able to see shit. but it would be nice for effect hey? :slight_smile:

I’m going as grey-ish/black Q. I’ve got everything except the hat and mask. I’m also 6’2 and it all fits, so I won’t look like el shrimpo in the picture either.

G-Product: How did you pull off Talbain??? :slight_smile:

Will I gotta big ass black/gray sweater and some navy blue sweat pants. I cvut the bottoms up to make it look jagged. I already had a yellow belt from a robe of mine. I found a nice werewolf mask. My mom & I bought some grey fur like stuff, sewn it on the sweater. And got some black gloves and covered them in fur & glue some plastic black nails on to them for claws. I did the same to some socks as teh gloves and wore em over my shoes. I forgot how I did the tail, put i think I took a piece of the fur material, folded it in half and pinned on to the back of my pants. This costume ruled!

I was reptile once. And everyone knew who I was.
Not bad considering only MK1 was out at the time, and reptile still wasnt common knowledge until mk2.