SFIII mini

I just realized recently that Pocket Fighter is SFIII mini. They were released in the same year, and with SFIII being so huge for the company, I figured Pocket Fighter must’ve gotten some similar work put into it. The characters aren’t the same, but where else other than SFIII can you find Ibuki? Pocket Fighter. The parrying system is mimicked by the aggressive block feature in Pocket Fighter. The EX system in SFIII is copied in Pocket Fighter by the gems powering up your special moves until they’re to Level 3, or EX. The subsequent SFIII stock feature is also utilized by the integration of gems in Pocket Fighter, whereas you need gems to power up your Super Combos while also powering your special moves (bringing us right back to the EX facsimile). Not to mention that Pocket Fighter borrows so many characters from CPS3 games that its a wonder it doesn’t run on that board itself. SFIII is the obvious creator, while Pocket Fighter copies, but maybe this is why I love Pocket Fighter so much. Anyone else notice these hidden similarities?

man, you crazy

i don’t think it’s that “hidden” or “subtle,” i think kind of everyone’s noticed those similarities before.

I don’t think it’s really EX moves as much as the diffrence between using LP/MP/HP or LP/MP/HK which you can’t do since there’s one punch and one kick button.

who cares

Polarity raises an excellent point.


But I did notice the similarity between you and a huge steaming pile of horse shit.

I believe more people will agree with me on this than on this whole “Pocket Fighter = SF III” nonsense.

Pocket Fighter and Puzzle Fighter are so blatantly disrespected on these forums. Sad, really…

well ok then

You’re not making matters better either, chump.

I like pocket fighter…

…and I still don’t care or agree with you.

Actually, Pocket Fighter is more like Alpha and Warzard mixed together. Gain levels, get stronger moves, throw items, gain items to heal and enpower.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are made by the same company?

You should tell the people running Evo that next year Pocket Fighter should replace SFIII as the main tournament game because of these “similarities.” I’m sure they will hear you out.

I actually lol’d (loud). Congrats.

Don’t ever come to me via PM after making a retarded thread crying about how people flamed you.