SFIII, Mortal Kombat, or DOA?


Between those, which is your favorite series? Obviously, mine is SFIII. :sweat:


Virtua Fighter


Actually, the only issue I have with SFIII is the fact that there’s only 19 characters in the game. (20 including Gill).


I’ve been having problems trying to find new people to rep, thank you sir. negged!


Don’t even know why I was negged! Well, I know it’s a shitty topic, but still! I sure hope you didn’t pay for the “premium” membership just to do that! :rofl:


this isnt gamefaqs, please dont post useless threads


Who are the losers who negged this guy for posting a legit question?


Sure its a legit question. But its been done into the ground for like 23905703 times.

SFIII, i know you’re having “fun” but please, please stop polluting our forums with fucking useless garbage that no one really gives a shit about.

Go ahead and make these posts in the online forums but dont pollute FGD more than it already has.


You know the thread’s shitty but you can’t connect the dots between that and a neg? How fucking unaware and obtuse do you have to be for you to say something like that. Every thread you make is a carbon copy of something that dozens have already asked already. If you genuinely care who likes these games then take your ass to the respective threads/forums involving the games you mentioned. And those options are weaker than your username. There ARE more than three fighting games that get major/professional play/attention.

Who are the fucking morons that think the thread starter has any legit questions. Oh wait, it’s just you. He’s wasting bandwith, spamming, is fucking stupid and excessively stubborn. Don’t support that shit like there’s a healthy discussion on the way.


great thread


lol. I like how people bitch about these topics, but they still post responses. If it bothers you that much, just don’t respond.


cancer is too nice for you guys


If you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t post here.

Close/Delete this thread please.


stupid question. everyone knows it’s DOA.


For the dudes who dont like the topic, nobody forced you to post in it or read it.


Christ, it’s not like this dude started a thread about whether or not sub zero could kick Ryu’s ass or something lame like that. He asked a simple question. So it’s not a waste of bandwith, and it’s not spamming.
Funny how no one really said anything about the Bustin Bong thread, but this question gets raped.


It’s obviously Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game you idiots.




Out of those it’s probably MK maybe…I dunno.


…I’ll buy that.


You delicious biznatches, you are all uncorrect!

The most scrumptious of all fighters is Samulai Shodown 4. VICTOLY!