SFIII: New Generation Glitches(ARC)

Ok, I know about the Ryu Hurricane kick infinite, Ryu’s Shinkuu Explosion Glitch, and Alexs’ infinite VS Elena, but what I want to know is are there any other wierd glitches or infinites like that in the Arcade version of NG? I ask because I just got a candy cab that came with NG and no one around here likes NG so I might as well do some fun stuff with it.


Skip to 0:19. Features the Oro 100% and a few reps of the Ibuki infinite.


Skill Smith’s NG/2I exhibition, featuring a bunch of NG infinites.

Sorry about posting videos in FGD, but it’s quicker than transcribing them.

Here’s a small glitch compilation:
Yes, it’s FAR from complete.

Have fun.

That takes me back. I know I’ve said this, but I wish Third Strike would have kept the sound and visuals of the earlier versions.

Are there any other glitches or is that about it?

alex used to sound so gay…“you cant escape”