SFIII Secret FIles


here are the files:


Who are Aki, Saki, Yuki and what is this whole page about? (http://www.arcadeflyers.net/?page=flyerdb&subpage=flyer&id=3560&image=12)

Alex won over Mike Balrog? http://www.arcadeflyers.net/?page=flyerdb&subpage=flyer&id=3558&image=1 Can anyone please translate the text?

Sean was KO’ed by Zangief and …(Who is that guy?), right?
What is written there about Ibuki?
Jimmy & Eddy? please translate…

What are the names of those characters? Why were they not used?

Here are the girls again… Translation needed…

Were there Secret Files from SFIII Third Strike?

Thanks in advance! :lovin:

I think a lot of that is concept/promo art.

Thanks for the link. I actually hadn’t seen a couple of those images.
Ah, marketing.

Aki, Saki, and Yuki are the three Capcom Secret Girls, compilers of the Capcom Secret Files materials.

There was a 3S file as well.

Whoa thanks I didn’t have this one. I can upload the Secret File of 3rd Strike if ya’ll want it… doods.

The Mr Fantastic looking guy is a Necro concept.

It makes no difference to me since I already have it but I have no scanner, so whoever else would like it.

Would you happen to have any issues of Gamest or Arcadia? This is a question to anyone else as well.

post it plz :wgrin:

explain to me why theres a topless elena and alex is showing some kid his junk? “OH MY GOD!” and dudley is fuckin MASSIVE…and egyptian looking. who is that wrestling guy? he looks a little too similar to anakaris.

PLEASE, do it!!!

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^ needs to be smaller. I can still read it.


The secret files for all three SFIII games are on there, but that doesn’t really get us any closer to translations.

But there are no Third Strike Secret Files!!!

We need them!!!

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The header of the two pages is what I am referring to. No need to make it larger (or “smaller” if you like-don’t try to be funny).

The Lee brothers look hella gay in http://www.newchallenger.net/wiki/tiki-browse_image.php?galleryId=6&sort_mode=created_desc&desp=6&offset=0&imageId=62

And what the hell is Dudley doing? Coping with cotton-mouth?

The short version:
The article concerns a WWCA title match between Zangief and “Parukku Hoogen” (the name is a parody of Hulk Hogan [Haruku Hoogan]) at Metro City Square Garden. “Hoogen” was KO’d by the unnamed boy shown in the photo. The date of the article is Feb 30th, 1997 (note that Feb 30th does not exist).

From left to right:
an early Ibuki design
"assassin" (an assassin-esque character, possibly a “mysterious continental Indian?”)
“kyodai yajuu kizoku ofuransu” [giant beast nobleman France] (“a huge, bestial nobleman, from France.” “an early boss design.”)
an early Necro design

“A rough [sketch] of Elena. Her full-bosomed breasts exposed. She’s smiling, so it’s not a dirty picture, y’know.” (if you look closely, it looks like she’s wearing little pac-man pasties).

The kid in the Alex comic strip is asking Alex why he always wears his overalls down. Alex asks “y’wanna see why?” The kid says that he does, and Alex obliges.

Dudley’s not on that page. Those are just more unused character designs:
“stone man” (“a hard-looking fighter.” “probably a wrestler?”)
“abare hacchaku” [“abare” means “rough; violent” and “hacchaku” means “arrival and departure” – however, the kanji they’re reading as “hacchaku” are normally read as “keiji” meaning “police detective”] (the text block indicates that this was a rather popular design among company personnel; in addition to his “high-neck tanktop,” sunglasses, and badge, he’s also wearing a pair of huge handcuffs on his hip)
“brute” (not Dudley, just another unnamed, unused design)
“american girl” (a basic American gal character, with appropriate costume and gloves [e.g., they’re marked with stars & stripes]; another unnamed, unused design)


they got this character inspired from Rival schools’ tiffany lords, well it’s too obvious they might forget it .

i liked urien’s early designs … a typical black villain from the 70s …

3rd Strike


I believe those arn’t the Secret Files…