SFIII: Third Strike Bible - Scanning and Translating


[LEFT]Finally got my hands on a copy of the SFIII: Third Strike Bible. Very thick and detailed indeed. There is a lot of content for everything, from characters to move analysis. I consider it my responsibility to share the valuable contents to the wider Third Strike community. Enjoy.[/LEFT]


I have a copy of it, couldn’t understand anything :frowning:


I want my Guide signed by MoPreme

Roshihikari wants a Cookye signature.


wtf is this shit explain this prophecy


Why the fuck would you bump this? Are you retarded?


Look Loius I think we’re all going through a harsh adjustment period with these
facebook/tumblr style additions to SRK and berating our fellow man isn’t going to make this any easier. We too, are bumping a dead-ass thread as we speak.