SFIITurbo: Blanka-vs-Dhalsim--Who wins?


This is another one of my favorite HF matches. But which character is going to prevail after all they pull out all the stops

Dhalsim … or Blanka???



umm…Dalhsim. All he has to do is keep doing standing fierce, throw yoga fires, and spear kick him. As much as I hate to say it(read my name), Blanka would lose.


I’m not sure who wins exactly, but if I recall Blanka actually does alright against dhalsim. I believe one of his jump attacks can trade or beat a lot of the dhalsim anti airs, so it’s a bit easier to get in on him than others. I’m neither a Dhalsim player or a Blanka player though so hopefully someone with more experience in the fight can shed some light, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as NeoBlanka says.


dalhsim owns he big time


Well, I couldn’t tell you how but on HF Blanka wins. My reason for saying this is that Jeff Schaefer(og top player) used Blanka as a counter for Sim. He came in one day and wore a shirt that said “Don’t bother using Sim my Blanka will eat him for lunch.” Jeff was a good strategist and was usually right on with matches. He felt Blanka countered him and won those matches so…that was at World’s Finest(best players in the US at the time). I wish I could break it down for you but I don’t know the match personally.

Just to make sure yall know, Blanka was MUCH better than Sim overall on HF. Not that “much” is a lot on that game, hehe.



Blanka is a lot better in ST than most people think. (You heard it here first) The fact is, a lot of people don’t know how to play Blanka much at all, but still give their opinion on him. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that his multi-hit parabolic ball is a weird glitch - it isn’t. (You can do it every time in the right situation, it’s entirely predictable)

Anyway, Blanka does OK against Dhalsim. Blanka does as much damage on a throw as Dhalsim does and cannot be teched, so Dhalsim’s throws are less effective than against most other chars. Blanka jumping fierce beats or trades with a lot of Dhalsim AA. You can never ball attack against Dhalsim unless it is to purposely trade hits with a limb, but whatever…ball attack isn’t that useful agains the majority of characters.

Dhalsim is easy to combo and Blanka has good combos. Electricity is your friend as well. After blocking a Dhalsim attack just pound on electricity, if he does any attack he gets hit. Blanka also has some very good wakeup games with electricity, combos and his hop.

I would say that Dhalsim wins, but maybe 6-4 or 5.5-4.5, nothing too drastic.


a dhalsim expert would own a blanka expert. dhalsims just too unpredictable.


this match isreally tight on hf. in fact, i think this is the edition i learned it.

its a guessing game - like apoc and sf2freak said certain blanka air normals will beat sims air normals. the gorund game is tricky, too. most popular is blanka’s j. fwd. sim can’t jab it and can’t slide it - from the ground. he’s gotta get iin the air or take the hit and throw. sim can slide blankas j. fierce.

but ideally those two want to meet in the air. i haven’t played this in well, >6yrs, but i know that it depends on blankas’ j.fierce/j.fwd/j.rh vs sim’s air j.fierce/j.fwd. blanka moved much faster than sim in that game.

that’s all for now, until my buddy anson (blanka) and i (sim) play that match again.



marg: i think he’s talkin just HF though

My 2 cents for what its worth is HF blanka is total dominator in HF and really good against sim. Standing strongs at will against most limbs(far scrape) stand forward,stand short,low fierce , all great sim poke kills, as far as jumps, jump short for air attacks against a floating sim or jump jab, if yer worried about him countering yer jump with a slide or such then use last sec jump fierce which kills that along with shoto sweeps , timing is crititcal but its a clean hit for blanka. once u get sim cornered pretty much keep the straight up and down jumping going with rh’s and looking out for the sim that tries to throw a quick drill in there or jump attack and pound that shit in with a fierce pimp slap. CGL evolution prelims were fun for one reason HYPER FIGHTING. thats pretty much all i played the whole time i was there. I had a couple people that kinda knew HF that played but for most part it was a trounce. Think my weekend ended like 200-10 . some damn bison knew the torpedo keep away shit with bison and that accounted for like 7 of the losses :frowning: most fun though.!


Yes, I am retarded…he was talking HF.

Blanka’s jumping strong is really good air to air…and uh, that’s pretty much all I have to add. Dhalsim does low damage in HF, that certainly helps.

Blanka is my guy in ST, so I jumped the gun on that…he’s a lot better than a lot of people think. Plus only I know the secret of his multi-hit parabolic roll! (Well, I’m sure plenty of other people know also, but a lot of people don’t know how to do it…) If only I could figure out how to reliably get his super not to knock down…

Edit: Actually I do have one thing to add in the HF matchup. If you duck a standing forward you can ball attack it and trade hits in your favor. Since you trade you can’t get hit by a standing fierce afterwards. Guile can also actually FK the forward and hit it clean. Not sure if it works on standing RH kicks.