SFIV 2012 Zangief

Changes are being posted already:

Well, minor buffs and no nerfs! Better than I expected tbh, things are looking good for gief in ver 2012.

Guile is no longer in counter hit status on sonic booms, so this matchup is going to be a bit more difficult now.

Does anyone really care about more stun on ex.gh and spd? Seems almost pointless to me. I knew it was a long shot but I guess the kd for ex.gh is gone for good. I don’t really get the cr.jab change. Who jumps in with jab? I use it sometimes in the air but against grounded opponents? Seems like another pointless change lol.

ah, finally , they did something to the disgusting cr lp whiff!!

From what I understand the c.jab change means it no longer will whiff on crouching opponents like it does now when you do splash -> c.jab.

Ah ok that makes more sense and is definitely a welcome change.

Very happy with the stun change! And VERY happy with the change to the sweep hurtbox, that is very important. Especially against Sagat.

I figured it was gonna be this minor but! the c.lk buff is actually something I was complaining about today and how I wanted it and then I get home tonight and bam I got it…I love you capcom lol

You mean cr.hk? It’s cr.hk rather than cr.lk.

This. Still shouldn’t spam it as it’s prime dp mash bait, but it makes changing over to c.lk easier. I wonder how it will affect its hitbox as an AA option. shrug

I also like the c.hk buff (on the surface at least), it should help out tremendously with timing against people whpo vert jump - such as Hondas.

Now I’m just wiating to see what they do to my Seth (>_<)’

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The changes are different on the main page which is correct?

“Adjusted the hitbox on c.jab, so that it hits more easily off a jump-in against characters it formerly didn’t. Hurtbox for c.roundhouse reduced in height, making it easier to pass under certain attacks.”

Well I feel like they did about as good a job as could reasonably be expected if they didn’t want to make ex hand knock down again.

Gief never had to be a stun character outside of jump headbutt because before he was centered around getting knockdowns and post-knockdown mixups, but with that mostly gone he just wasn’t as threatening up close as he should have been. I like that ex hand does more damage again and especially that the first hit, the hit he juggles with, does more damage. I like that ex hand and lp spd do more stun. Maybe we’ll actually see some stuns outside of super rare headbutts? Yay, a more threatening Zangief!

I also like that the sweep hitbox has been lowered, that’s a change I’ve been asking for since Vanilla to deal with some of his bad matchups. I really hope it sweeps under Sagat st hk, Akuma st hk and jump back air fireball (better than now), Chun st hk and st hp, etc. Having a way to get under those attacks would really help Gief out, especially since he’d get a hard knockdown with them.

Imo the cr lp buff is not that important for post jump-in combos, it mostly came up after crossup fierce splash but crossup splashes just don’t happen very often anymore. But it might be important for cr lp buffer ex hand in footsies. It has to have a bigger hitting hitbox to catch those weird reeling characters, so hopefully it’ll beat more normals in more positions as well.

So more threatening up close and more able to get in from mid range without losing the nice new AE lp spd range. Again, I still wanted ex hand to knock down, but if it’s not gonna knock down, I’ll take these buffs instead.

I don’t know if its enough stun to actually matter but I could be wrong, the sweep buff is godlike for Sagat and Akuma

If gief really needs to stun someone or Maxiumize the punishment, more stun on 360k or 360hp seems more helpful. improved sweep may make gief easier to deal with vipers burning kick and honda’s neutral jumping HP

Hmmm, seems cowardcopter is back for ryu, I hope it´s not for akuma too. This sucks for gief =/

Edit: Watching it more , seems like the angle is not quite the SSFIV one. Maybe they can´t use it to get out of corner for free?

I dont know if the buffed cr hk is only for hk or for long kick as well, I think it’s more important to have a better cr long kick.

For both sweep varieties, I really hope this goes under the shoto nj.mk. At certain distances, you can see that shit coming, but pretty much do nothing about it. For that matter, taking Sagat off his feet will be much appreciated. Also, the c.lp hitting crouched splash victims will be nice, but I almost have no knockdowns (that lead to vortex lately) to actually use this enough to care, but I’ll take it. I’d still rather see them make the RBG a useful tool in some form, at least in EX form. E.G.: Akuma jumped away with an air fireball? Yeah, come back here, let me give you a hug… Beyond that, anyone find any use for the “buffed” s.hp yet?

Haven’t played in a while but I got online last night and got Flame kick fadc chicken wing’ed out of a round winning combo because of c.lp whiffing after I landed crossup splash…can’t wait for that buff.

I just really hate Fei.

Apparently far st.hp will now cause a knockdown according the what I just read at eventhubs. Wtf? Why not just give us the old ex.gh again? St.hp is so freaking slow it just doesn’t sound practical at all.

hard knockdown? Or do we know yet?