SFIV 2v2, Blazblue and KoF12 (1v1) Tournament October 24th New Braunfels Texas


SFIV 2v2 Tourney

Date: Saturday October 24th

Time: 12:00 P.M.-??:??

1024 San Antonio St.
New Braunfels, TX 78130
$5 Venue (will allow casuals before and if there is time after the tournament

Hardware: Both consoles will be used. (BYOS any problems will be settled via borrowing a stick from me TE but only if you have the opposite of your opponent.)


Registration: 3:45
Tourney: 4:30

Format: Waseda Style, meaning both players will fight each other only once. A 2-0 victory will mean the team wins the match. A 1-1 performance will be settled by the two team winners facing off. Rounds will be set to 2/3. Format will be double elimination. Only one of the same character per team.

Entry: $30 per team/$15 per person

Prizes: 60/30/10

Lagunas/?? NB/
Derek/Josh NB
Marcos/Lee NB
Viet/Jonlo Austin
Aleri/D-Lux Austin
Mexiwont/Spin4u SA

Registration: 1:15
Tourney: 2:30

Format: Double elimination 2/3 rounds 2/3 sets.

Entry: $10

Prizes: 60/30/10

King Of Fighters 12
This will be a side tourney held by whoever feels that they know how to run it. We could have other side tourneys. We have a 3rd strike American Cabinet its on free play but the sticks aren’t the greatest. We could also throw it up on a ps2 somewhere.

Any questions or feed back will be appreciated.


Needs moar games.

Make Blazblue a surefire deal and I’ll come.


I’m there!


Sounds great!
And yeah, I do agree about adding more games.

Add another game or 2, you guys can do it :slight_smile:

Otherwise, if BlazBlue is for sure, I’ll go.


I will probably show up with someone. :slight_smile:


My friend Lee Harris will be running the BB section of the tourney, so I guess this is a confirmation, he just needs to find out what is the best competitive format. Sounds good guys, thnx for the input. Maybe I can do some research on other fighters such as KOF12, and Tekken 6 since it should be out by then I think.


we gotta play again adeel!


umm is this ps3 format or 360… please tell me its ps3.

ya bb for sure and kof12.


It will be both systems, If you come across an opponent with a 360 stick, I have a 360 TE that I will let you borrow. I will only lend my stick to players who brought a stick though. I really wanted to draw in both PS3 and 360 players for a bigger turn out.


Is Schltterbahn open in October? >____<

I want to see Adeel in the wave pool!


Looking for someone else for the 2v2, it probably doesn’t help to say I play Ken.


There’s only room for one “mexi”!!! :lol:


Okay I will be making a new thread soon (hopefully some time this weekend). So far looking like SFIV (2v2), Blazblue and KoF12 (1v1). How does best of 3 dbl elim sound for BB and KoF?


Added you in this thread on the front page. It’s in the southwest forums. Also no need to create a new thread just go to edit and you can change everything from title to information.




Wow thanks a ton!


Aite I’m partnering up w/ Andrew. We’re winning this, guarantee it :wink:


they need to have brawl cough

then ill go


Actually, one of the last tourneys they had there had a big brawl/melee tournament as well. Those kids were friggin nuts man.


really? dang i missed it, last time i went there it was a SF4/brawl tourny.


Hahaha, I think we’re talking about the same tournament. Only like 12 people showed up for SF4, like 2 weeks after it came out. I remember SB (brawl or melee, whichever it was) took longer than expected.