SFIV 360: Asian or Japanese

So I have a Japanese 360 and plan on getting SFIV.
Which version is more desirable?

The Japanese for $85

or the Asian with bonus Calander and DVD for $60 (released 5 days later)

And the Asian is more likely to have the menus complete in Engrish, so this seems like a no-brainer.

Or am I missing something?

hay guyz im not sure what to eat for lunch today…

either a hamburger, or tacos…

which is better?

I know there is a difference between those two.

Do you know if there is a difference between what the thread is asking?

If not, please shut the fucj up.


Definately go for tacos.

I know that both of our posts are better suited for livejournal than SRK.

That’s what I was thinking too :party:

They have hamburgers with taco toppings and shit. So then you can have both. We all win.

I go American, 100% of the time.

i don’t know what you mean

does anyone know if the Japanese will have more characters, or modes, or anything?

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I’d go for the fucjing Taco.

tacos de chicharron are fantastic. they’ll give you a heart attack though.

Hamburger with a taco inside

fucj that noise. Chipotle burrito.

The real question is what to drink with it though?

Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid of course.

go for the tamale

edit: sigh these new members are killing me

the game is region free on xbox 360 from what i’ve heard.

WTF is this thread about??? anyways i like tacos and burritos, oh, and a soda pop for the drink.