SFIV ARCADE FIGHTESTICK PS3 problem, plz help!?

I recently got the game and borrowed 2 of my friend’s fightstick. I was playing it today and all of a sudden…I was unable to move the character. Since he doesnt have warranty anymore, I opened it up to check was there anything loose. At first, I thought the joystick is broken so I switched the joystick with the one that is still working fine. It turns out it is not the joystick problem. It is the main board problem and I am wondering is it possible to replace that board? I dont want to pay my friend 50 bucks for a fightstick that cant be fix. Plz let me know, guys! Thanks.

Holy shit, wrong section.


fucking cheapskate. break your friends shit and then don’t want to pay for it. you’re a scumbag.

You know you still got a Studio Traffic referral link in your sig?

I’m just saying.

wtf, you can’t fix the shit for free and anyway wrong section to asks this…

Where did i say I am not paying him 50? I am going to pay him the 50 bucks but I want to fix it so I can use it. Why are u guys so angry? I am just looking for some help.

This board is full of salty people by default. Get used to it.

Just wait till you get that reply in tech talk, they should have you covered…

make sure the top switch next to the home button is in the middle

Ask in Tech talk.