SFIV Arcade move sheet/sticker

I’ve set up my Egret II with a pc running SFIV and it’d be nice to have one of those move sheets in the area under the the glass on the control panel.

Can anyone point me to a source for stock/reproduction Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet move strips/sticker thingies? I found a downloadable version, but I’ve never had much luck with kinkos doing work like this and if I can just buy a set then it would save me the time.

could you link the downloadable version please…

you know i dunno if you can just by the move list as stickers, but that said whats to stop you from buying sticker paper and just printing up a few sheets of your own. another way of doing it might also to buy the static cling sticker sheets. they look nice and stick on great on glass or Plexiglas. best part is you can undo anything you don’t like in terms of placement. the sticker sheets can be a pain in the aspect that they tend to stick on once and are hard to get off.

There is another cool thing that Capcom.co.jp has.
But you did not ask for, so I not link.
But you can go and check if want.

The PS3/360 move list, or something else? :wink:

Like this page showing some character’s w/ food? http://www.capcom.co.jp/sf4/tieup.html

you got it!

I wasn’t really planning on actually using the sticker as I don’t want to have to yank it off in the future. It’s more for just temporary aesthetics. BTW, those pictures of SF characters with food are pretty great. :slight_smile:

I want the SSF4 vewlix :frowning: