SFIV at Family Fun Center of Omaha. 5/2/09 Results

Pretty small turn out. I think maybe 24? The last tourney we had was around 50+

1st: Datrick - Gouken/Zangief
2nd: Jammar - Dhalsim/Boxer
3rd: Mario - Gen/Ryu
4th: ??? I don’t remember - Chun-Li/Zangief

I went 0-2 cause I play Rufus and got a dhalsim my first round and a Zangief my second. :
All of my matches were relatively clutch though. So it wasn’t that bad. I just need to play actual good players like them more and stay the fuck off of XBL.

Best part of the night though was when Jammar teleported into my Blanka’s ultra and Datrick shouting “LARIAT THAT NIGGA” every time Someone played Zangief.

Good games to everyone. I wish FFC would do this shit more than just bi-monthly.

didnt realize that ppl still posted these things

but anyways it was actually chris henderson that took 3rd with just ryu and pudge took 4th

Hey let me know if FFC is having another one anytime soon. I’m off weekends for the next few weeks after this, would like to see how Omaha is holding it down.

yeah i got 3rd…

Good shit guys! Wheres David and Simon though!?!? SF4 is that fiyaaaa~