SFIV bad ass? Coach me, and I pay you



I have 300 hours or so logged on SFIV, and just made it to G1. It’s readily apparent that I have hit a plateau and need external help to keep moving forward. I’ve been primarily an Akuma player, but would like to move on to Ryu.

If this is you:

  1. Can whoop my ass in a wide range of characters most importantly: Bison, Boxer, Blanka, Ryu, and Chun Li.

  2. Can analyze someone’s game and readily articulate wtf they are doing wrong.

  3. Have a deep understanding of the game, and understand the key elements that make up top players.

  4. Decently patient, and not a douche.

  5. Either able to come to my place in the West Villange, NYC (will pay more), or can coach over xbox live headset and connect to me with at least yellow bars.

  6. You must be over 18.

I’m willing to pay $30 an hour for Xbox Live, $50 for in person. (If you’re Daigo, or Justin Wong, then I’ll throw in 40 ounces of the finest malt liquor.)

Having said all that… To get the job, just send me a message, and we’ll arrange a tryout on Live with voice chat. If you destroy me in a few matches, and I think you can help me, then you’ve got the job. I want to tryout a few people so please be patient if I don’t immediately hire you.

I’ll be paying by paypal before each coaching session.

Thanks in advance.


hot damn.


ahaha look at this dork


Is this Daigo trying to troll Justin or a random Smasher trying to pick up SF4, I can’t tell.

You’re better off saving that money and coming down to CTF Friday nights and playing against the best of the best.

Also check out some of the house sessions people hold.


I can’t tell if this is serious or not… All I can say is wow… If I could get paid 50 bucks an hour for playing SFIV, i’d move to NYC and play all day long.


Yes, I’m serious. I’m somewhat obsessive about my hobbies, and would like to get better.


What’s the point though.

So you do get better, it’s because you paid for it. What’s the achievement in that? Might as well just pay the other guy to lose for you so you can get a feeling of self satisfaction from images displayed on a tv screen.

in fact, give me $20 and I’ll write you a note saying how awesome you are. Deal/No Deal?


It doesn’t matter how much you pay anyone, you’re never going to know 100% what your opponents next move is. You need good judgment for that, and that usually comes by playing a long time, not cause someone recognized as a top player told you that’s how the game works.


I don’t see what’s wrong with getting a coach for a sport… I’ve played many hours, and I’ve plateaued. I want to get better.


To respond to a common question: No you do not need to live in NY, but in person is always cooler.


So you want to be the best?? I’m always down for some chang and a forty, explain some problems you have man and I’ll give you a sample of my knowledge. I’d be able to travel to West Village though… This does sound mad fake though… :rofl:


what kind of 40? Steel Reserve or colt?


I’ll teach you the power of shotos!


Come to Chinatown like Elder said. Seriously. If you get owned, your opponent might be nice enough to tell you where you went wrong if you asked. Free advice is always better. Make an effort to come down instead of being ready to give your money away like that. And playing a variety of people is always better than playing against just one person.


Meh, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the idea in principle. Yes, playing more does help, but learning about the matchup will help someone learn faster than trying to pickup things on their own at an intermediate level. I believe gootecks or iplaywinner.com are offering the services you are requesting.

Although I would also suggest playing the game offline at CTF instead of over xbox live.


Lol first of all if you want to learn from someone worth paying, gootecks is definitely not worth it.

Look, come to ctf on friday and saturday nights and you will run into Justin and Sanford. You can play them all night since they stay late quite often. And Justin especially is willing to answer any kind of questions you may have such as matchups or character specific issues.


I think coaching is a good idea. They do that shit in Japan too. Coaching is more of a cooperative thing and with the right teachers can probably make somebody better. If Dex has the money he can do what he wants with it.

Though I do agree actual in person play has no substitute.


I prefer Private Stock over all but I’ll settle for OE, Steele, St Ides after that. Always down for brass monkeys, bust the OJ out!!! :party::party:


brass monkeys are so gross


private stock is that shit man. especially since, unlike steel reserve, it doesn’t make you angry drunk or vomit if you chug it down in 5 minutes with hard liqour. definitely a 40 to relax and smoke out with. I approve.