[SFIV] Beginner's Keyboard moves input thread

Ok so here’s the deal. I’ve been looking around this forum for quite a while now and i must say it really helped me a lot when i began sf4.
Playing with my keyboard, I’ve discovered some pretty damn useful things that might interest people learning the game.

When i first started playing on my keyboard, everyone told me to drop it and get a decent stick or at least, a better controler.
As a matter of fact, the keyboard is far from being as bad for sf4 as people are used to say. It’s precise, you can choose your button set; and you can do some nice tricks you can’t with other controllers.
Nevertheless, i’ve never found any real description of the inputs required for each move and how to do it properly on keyboard.
So here’s a list of the various inputs for the moves in sf4 and their transcription in pc terms that might help you get better on keyboard; and save you the price of a stick.

All the commands have to be executed fairly quickly
Here’s a thing though: use your arrows keys for the directions in this game or something like this configuration.

w= up
s = down
a= left
d= right

**Also - P = punch K = Kick U = up D = down F = forward B = back
1 -Quartercircle(QCF) motions: D -> DF -> F + P or K for fireballs, rekkas…

[*]Actually it’s pretty easy on keyboard: just press D with one finger then F with an other while releasing down then press P (or K). Same thing for QCF back motions (D -> B + P or K)
Note: you don’t have to release F like D.

2 - Dragonpunch(DP) motions: F -> D -> DF + P or K for shoryukens, sky fall, cannon spike…

[*] Two ways of doing it:
a) F -> D -> F + P (or k) : just piano it and you’ll be good (quickly F with your index finger, D with your middle, and then F with your index again)
b) HOLD D -> F -> F + P : it’s like if you were dashing while crouching; pretty useful if you’re not too comfy with pianoing. (keyboard :rock:)
Note: just do the opposite for reverse DP moves like gouken’s counter

3 - Halfcircle(HCF or HCB) motions: F -> DF -> D -> DB ->B (or the reverse for hcf) + P (or K) for tornado throw, oicho…

[*]Two ways:
a) Use your index, middle and ring finger to piano F -> D -> B + P(K)
b) Slide one finger over F,D and B + P(K)
Note: According to my experience, i find the first option more reliable but it’s up to you to pick the one that suits you the most.

4 - 240 motions: DB -> D -> DF -> F + P(K) for hooligan or chicken wing.

[*]Ok so this one is a bit tricky: you have to piano with 3 fingers B -> D -> UF. You MUST press forward and up at the same time. So here’s how i do it (though there might be a better method, i don’t know) let’s say I’m on the left side: I press B with my index, then D with my middle then both F with my ring and up with my index again.
Only practice makes it perfect…

5 - 360 motions: a circle with a stick for zangief…

[*]Two ways
a) Just input exactly the same as above for the 240
b) Slide your fingers clockwise or counterclockwise over the 4 direction keys in a circular way (I’ll recommand to start with either B or F)
Note: Just dicovered a) while writing this post, god this is awesome.

Charge motions:
A little note about charging:
Charging is where the keyboard really shines: playing on a keyboard allows every single lazy ass to permacharge and therefore to get a good understanding of chars such as blanka, guile, bison… fairly quickly.
Keyboard > every other controllers as far as charging is concerned

6 - Sonic Boom Motion: B for 2 secs -> F + P(K) for sonic booms,scissor kicks…
Ok here’s the thing: you don’t have to release B to throw those moves so you can just spam sonic booms like a machine gun with no effort at all, that’s wicked. Just hold B as long as you want to throw them.
Nevertheless, you can’t throw those while crouching. If you were while charging, you’ll have to release D.

7 - Flash Kick Motion: D for 2 secs -> U + P(K) for flash kicks, head stomps, devil reverses…
Exactly the same here…Isn’t it nice?
Though if you’re defending/charging (holding B) and you wanna flashkick some butt, you’ll have to either:

  • release D in order to keep your horizontal charge
  • release B in order to keep your vertical charge

Super & Ultra motions

8 - Double quarter circle motions: 2x D -> DF -> F + P or K (the reverse for 2xQCB)

[*]Two ways:
a) This one is kinda,I hardly ever use it. It works though: piano D -> F -> D -> F + the three punches in the same time (don’t bother just use your 3xP key)/ or kicks
b) Slide one of your fingers over D then F two times + 3P/3K. It works ALL the time and it’s terribly easy to do.

9 - Double 360: Two circles

[*]Hum, this one is a little tough but gets easy after a while practicing. Just slide over B,D,F,U two time +3P. It’s all a matter of timing and speed. If you really can’t make it, just jump and do those circles while you’re in the air
10 - Double Sonic Boom: charge B -> F -> B -> F + 3P/K

[*]Two ways:
a) Piano it with two fingers (index & ring), it works fine
b) Keep holding B -> F -> F +3P(K) the easiest ultra/super move input ever, just like a DP, dash while charging and admire the show. Once again, it’s like charge chars were made for keyboard.

11 - Guile & Vega/ Double flash: Charge DB -> DF -> DB -> UF + 3P(K)

[*]It require a little trick for this move to work. I usually input DB -> DF -> UB + 3K § and it comes out. The thing is while am pressing on the final U, half of my finger tip touches and presses D too. This way the game engine records DB -> DF -> (DB) -> UB and here comes the stylish-but-not-so-good flashkick ultra.

Ok here you go PC SFIV learners, I hope this might have been some help.
And yeah, Keyboard rules!

PS: if i’ve forgotten something, don’t hesitate pointing it out.

Are PC controllers really that expensive in Paris???

Controllers are the tools of the bourgeois, so he’d be betraying the revolution by using one.

I’m really curious as to these so called “nice tricks you can’t do with other controllers” as there’s nothing in what you’ve posted so far you can’t do better on stick (including the :df:, :d:, :df: shortcut for the DP).

Actually I’ve got a stick and yeah I do like it, I just prefer my keyboard. It’s not really a list of tricks, i just figured out that for us, pc players there ain’t an actual movelist that explains how to do everything. This is a thread for REAL beginners, who just start on SFIV and who have never played any fighting game before or for those who actually want to try a different approach of the game :slight_smile:

Nice, the permacharging is sick. Now that Pad players are more accepted, you’re paving the way for Keyboard players, haha.

At work during downtime I play a bunch of stuff like 3S, Alphas, KI, ST on emulators. I obviously can’t sit at my desk with a stick so I play using the keyboard on my laptop. I used WSAD, but use UIO for punches and JKL for kicks. I was hesitant at first but the keyboard is not as bad as you would think. It’s not optimal but I like it more than a pad. SRK and firewall “motions” are crazy simple and very accurate; you can’t really mess up pressing two buttons in succession then a punch. Guile’s ultra is rough and I couldn’t play gief on a keyboard comfortable. So in the end you wouldn’t play tourneys with a keyboard but you can play the game pretty well using one. Good post.

Thanks dude I’m glad this post can be of some help.
Indeed guile’s ultra is really hard at first; and i’ve been training a loooong while to be able to pull it around 80% of the time and am still looking for an easier way to input it sigh…
As a matter of fact gief’s 360 are really easy once you get the hang of it. I use both the slide and typing method i described aboved and i don’t have any problem spding nor doing his ultra (by the way it seems to work better when sliding starting with back) but yeah i can understand why you can find it a little hard.

By the way i indeed trained myself on sf3s (emulated) and sfa3, just like you did. ^^

Why would you do that to yourself :confused:

I remember back in like, middle school playing MvC1 and KI with a keyboard. Shit was NOT fun.

I play most SF games with a keyboard too (too cheap to get a fight stick yet). I use WASD for movements, Numpad 1-3 for kicks, and Numpad 4-6 for punches.

I find that charge characters are ALOT easier to use on the keyboard than with a pad, especially the supers that involve charging backwards followed by F,B,F; I can’t do those AT ALL with a pad. Shotos are slightly harder,especially the dragon punch, but after a while, I can use them just as easily, if not more so, than on a pad. I still can’t pull those DPs as consistently as I would like to, though. And I don’t know if I would have better luck with a stick or not.

But 360 motions are next to impossible for me to pull off naturally and quickly. That is the only reason why I never play Zangief.

Which fingers should I predominantly use, because the timing for inputs is hard.

I don’t get why people hate keyboards, except maybe people that have been using a stick so long that they try a keyboard once and “OMG IT’S HARDER, MUST BE SHIT”, it really is a precise input method that rivals a stick in pretty much every way.

The fingers you should be using are your index, your middle and your ring finger.

On DP motions:

Hold B+D > F > F or :db::df::db::df:: Let’s you buffer while staying predominantly in Crouch-Block. Can act as an option-select. This is essentially what Diago uses to Option-Select when he’s being bombarded by Rufus Divekicks. For us board users, it’s braindead easy. It’s keyboard specific, as I’ve used some keyboards that can’t handle three keys depressed at the same time. (This one’s for you, d3v)

Hold F > D: or :r::df::r:: Technically the easiest possible way to buffer standing DP. Simply hold forward and tap down once. Great for cancelling from standing normals where command normals aren’t an issue, such as Ken’s Target Combo > Shoryuken.

Hold D+F > F: or :df::d::df:: This is the fastest way to perform a crouching DP. Use it to cancel from crouching normals or crouch DP.

In my opinion, all the other motions for DP are useless on a keyboard except in very specific circumstances.

For 360s:

Any Combination of U > D > F > B or :l::r::d::u: (Example): Seriously. It doesn’t matter which way you input the motions, so long as you have four motions one after another containing the four prime directions (Up, Down, Left, Right). I just use the Chicken Wing motion detailed below, starting at Back instead of Down-Back.

For Chicken Wing/Hooligan:

You have your description wrong. You say you move your index finger to hit Up, when it should be your middle finger.

(On 1P side, facing right, using Arrow Keys)

For Super/Ultra Motions:

The “best” way to perform the QCFx2 is as a :d::df::qcf: motion. You Just hold down, tap forward at least once, then hold forward and release down to get the motion. It’s a great way to buffer right into Super from crouching normals (Fei-Long’s cr.MP > cr.MP xx Super) because you can mash :d::df::d::df::d::df: until you need to throw out the Super (providing the character doesn’t have DPM+P or DPM+K move overlapping)

On the Guile/Vega Ultra motions:

Depending on your keyboard, the motion may end up being completely different. If you don’t have hardware failures from pressing too many buttons, you can use the following:

Hold D+B > F > (Release D+B) > U or :db::df::db::u:: You do this by holding Down-Back, tap Forward with your free finger, release Down-Back and hit Up. You can’t rush this motion, because the keystrokes won’t register if done quickly, but on my keyboard, it’s the closest thing to a shortcut possible.

On Holding Charge:

Holding charge is a piece of cake for a keyboard, by holding back as soon as you release forward, you can start buffering on the very first available frame, forgoing the need to move a stick across the gate. This also makes the :l::r::l::r: charge Ultras come out efficiently and easily, since it’s made such a trivial motion on the keyboard. Just hold back, tap forward twice like a retard and you’re gold… it’s like the fucking Jetsons. Fantastic.

On Keybindings:

I have my punches and kicks bound to my letter keys, the number pad also works, if you prefer the other direction. ASDF are LP, MP, HP and PPP. ZXCV are LK, MK, HK and KKKK. You can also set QWE up in the options menu as Throw, Focus Attack and Taunt. It doesn’t really do much outside of one/two-button Kara-Taunting, Kara-Stance Change and Option-Select Tech.

Cammy’s Instant Air Cannon Strike:

This is possible to do on a keyboard. :qcb: followed by a quick :uf::k: (:qcb::uf::k:). EX version is easier to pull off, as you can just use a :qcb::ub: or :qcb::u:.

Akuma’s Instant Air Hadou:

You can do this too, with practice. I find it kind of awkward, but I don’t use Akuma. So far I have to take my fingers off of their respective keys to do it. You’ll do your :qcf: as normal, but using your thumb to hit :d:, then hit :u: with your free finger, then :d: again, not releasing :r: while you do it.

You should get :qcf::uf::r::df:, which is necessary for the motion. It’s not all that hard with practice, but it’s a motion I wish I had a stick for. (Edit: Ehhh… Scratch that. I got it down after a bit of practice. There’s a couple semi-comfortable ways to do it. [Double Edit: Forgot to update the motions])

Dhalsim’s Back.MK xx LP.Yoga Flame:

Hahaha! This one isn’t too hard if you don’t have that keyboard hardware problem (Beeeeeeep!). It takes what would normally be hell to perform on a keyboard and makes it a couple simple finger motions.

Hold B > MK > D+F > (Release F) > (Release D) > LP or :l::mk::df::db::l::lp:

You’re holding back the whole time you perform this. The keyboard will take care of the rest. Make sure to tap MK quickly, as my keyboard couldn’t handle medium kick, forward, down and back being depressed at the same time. You can actually do the motion so quickly that some inputs will fail to register (Say if you release Down after Forward too quickly, you’ll lose the valuable :db: input) so go into Training, turn inputs on and find the right speed.

Rufus’ Divekick Spam:

  1. Thumb on Down
  2. Middle finger on Up
  3. Respective fingers on Left or Right
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!