SFIV: Can someone explain the video reels to me?

I’m talking about the the video reels that pop up just before you enter an online battle and then they appear again at the end of the match along with the player/match points. I’ve always been curious as to what the different colours mean.

I’m assuming that when it spins at the beginning, it means it’s recording, but what does it mean when the reel has a red glow, a yellow glow or a green one? Does anyone have any ideas?

No glow = two more ranked match wins till yellow glow
Green glow = one more ranked match win till yellow glow
Yellow glow = next ranked match played against another person with yellow glow will be recorded
Red glow = current ranked match is being recorded, winner gets to decide whether or not match is uploaded to servers
After red glow it returns back to no glow. If you have the book in the case you wouldn’t have had to make this thread. I replied just in-case you didn’t.

I seriously never knew that

Awesome, I really appreciate that.

Never knew that either… always wondered but didn’t really care enough to read the manual :). Thanks for the info!