SFIV Cannot join session with specific players

I tried to do a match with some guy from SRK and we couldn’t join or do a little xbla party, then I played with someone else and had no issue. We both reset and everything to make sure our ones and zeroes were all straight, so I was curious if this is just sort of a regular thing on XBLA or not. SFIV is the first game I’m playing on it regularly, and I had this problem for like 15 minutes with a friend from ATL but it cleared up. However I waited the same time on my SRK buddy (who I think is only in Florida) and it never resolved itself.

Yeah I was afraid. It’s my roomie’s router and I don’t wanna go resetting it for this and porn, but I’ll try to come up with a good excuse, yeah, the network isn’t secure, that’s it.

Ive had the same problem with a friend of mine, thing is we used to play each other and now we cant…

ima shark


this is what helped me out … pick your router and follow the steps … its actually pretty easy.