SFIV character jump curves are stuffed


Zangief jumps too high and far…


You are a fucking moron.




jumping in sf4 is really awkward good job op


Pretty lucky dude your threads are 1 star material at best.


If it was up to me, Zangief wouldn’t be able to jump at all.

Or grab.

Fuck while I’m here I don’t think Sagat should be able to move at all.




…I think FGD may need an additional mod, this shit is out of hand right now.


agree :rofl:


Anyone ever laugh at that fat biker guy who jumps up and down at the American Diner stage in SFIV? I laugh every time I see him fall down and then get pushed by the girl and he rolls head over heels towards the battle. ROFL.

OP is a fatass btw.


i am ashamed of this join date


You’re not Roshihikari…


Well shoot, there goes Evo. :confused:


cosign this.


zangief jumps so high cause hes got all that muscle


The juggles look strange too.
In SFIII:3S juggles look fine, especially those Dudley corner c RH juggles.
In SFIV it looks like Balrog punches you and for some reason you bounce up vertically in the air?


Shut the fuck up and learn.

We need FGD police.


I could mod, even if it’s only until evo ends.
I have lots of free time and experience.


One thread a day, keeps the mods away. :confused: