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do you think we should link to the old thread in the OP just so incase theres something useful in the old thread?


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im going to do another OS / safejump thread to avoid the whole “html vortex”


I wonder if there are any opportunities for FADC option selects. For example, do a FA with meter thats CLOSE to ultra buffer the ultra from a dash, if they hit you while in FA the ultra punishes, if they didnt, you simply back dash.

It works on guiles sweep, but good guile players dont really use that too much. Also, it works on Akuma if he sweeps and tries to demon you, but thats way too specific to try. Its either not viable or I’m not being creative enough.


can you elaborate a little more? im not following your idea.


Okay so, imagine a situation where you have enough ultra meter built to the point where if you take focus damage from any non armor breaking move it will give you access to ultra (indicating that this would be more useful in a footsie range, in a range specifically where slower normals are thrown out more, sweeps etc). You can do a dash followed by the ultra, if the opponent hit you, the ultra comes out and hits them, if not, you simply do a dash (because the ultra meter isnt built, thus no ultra can come out)

You know how with Chun you can do backdash ultra? Well, if you do specifically what I talked about above, you can do an option select against guiles sweep. If he sweeps you during a FA, you punish him with ultra, if not, you just back dashed. Problem is, any guile player worth anything wont really use that normal. It also works on Akuma, but ONLY if he does his sweep cancelling into demon, which, isnt always the case, and I suspect it works on T Hawks sweep as well. I wanted to find some interesting setups with this idea, but I couldn’t really think of any.

Maybe it could work for cr.mk into hado, since it isnt a true block string, fadc after cr.mk, while doing the ultra motion, if they did a fireball, it punishes, but this seems difficult.

Perhaps in close range against a shoto if they throw out a non ex fireball where it would be too hard to react and jump over?

I was thinking of stuff like this because option selects that depend on meter not being full exist in 3s, and I was trying to see if we can come up with anything good for sf4.


This is somewhat related, but how exactly do you pull off backdash Ultra? I know it’s possible, but I could never quite figure out the timing on it.

Charge :b:, then :f::b::b::f:? Whenever I try that it doesn’t work for me.

Unless you’re talking about Focus Backdash Ultra where you mask the inputs in the Focus Attack.

Also, new directional input smileys are awful.


i havent done ultra after a raw backdash, i have donde focus backdash into ultra tho.

necro you want to do something like this?


but with bacdash? idk im pretty sure you cant punish that many things like that.


So its not an option select then, you mean focus backdash and buffer ultra, its mainly useful for baiting and punishing focus (as in HSU focus’). Or am I missing something and you are OS’ing it? Just seems like everyone is on about a buffered Ultra, which in itself isn’t new and has had discussion about it before.

Its interesting and has a few uses


The OS is in the meter gain. If you gain no meter from absorption, you simply backdash even though you do the input for the focus backdash ultra. The problem is this doesn’t punish a lot of things as people have been saying. It’ll work on something like cr. mk xx fireball… but that’s entirely reliant on your opponent throwing the fireball.


yup something like that, but like I said, you would do it without enough meter for an ultra, if they hit you during focus, the inputs you do cause an ultra.

One area that I think may be useful is actually for close fireballs that would be too hard to react to, so you simply try to predict it, and if the fireball hit you during FA, you will do an ultra.

It can also be done with a forward dash, but rushing in like that in close corners may be risky.




^ Right, that is the method I was talking about. I thought you meant raw backdash into U1 earlier.

I think the applications for it are limited, but considering that her forward dash takes fewer frames than her backdash, why wouldn’t you just use forward dash instead?

Somewhere buried in the Chun forum is a thread I made on Focus Ultra, and how it has (somewhat) weird properties about being able to punish more things than maybe it should (although now I’m pretty sure it’s just related to how frame data gets manipulated). Not sure if that would be helpful but I can probably find it and link it.


actually it does have some science and sorcery mix.

every time you absorb an attack you gain +3 frame advantage, so you could “technically” punish things that are -5/-4 with forward dash into hosenka.

The thing is you CANT use blockstun for this, because you are not blocking nor you are being hit, you are absorbing and you need to take into account things like hitstop and what not so thats the sorcery part, from my testing from that video i couldnt punish anything from guile besides cr.hk so recovery time on the poke plays a huge role too.


If i remember when you do a focus and your opponent hit you, you can start moving before your opponent. An old japanese guide said you have 3 frames to move before your opponent left the hitstop too but after some test i found only 2 frames.

Also you have to wait 4 frames when you do a focus before you can cancel it with a dash

So if i resume fastly, in a good situation (you started your focus since more than 4 frames) your dash forward can be 14-2 =12 frames in the eyes of your opponent
and your backdash 21-2=19 frames

what true blockstring has a gap of 12 frames at least ?
What blocktring can i bait for sure if i focus in front of my enemy ? If this blockstring has a small gap (less than 12 frames), can the backdash be an alternative ? (19+7 frames for U1)


cr.lp xx hazanshu lol