SFIV.com Icon?

I’ve been reading into this and it says that you need to complete all normal trials for all characters yet i’ve completed normal and hard trials with everybody and don’t have this. Can anybody confirm the correct way to unlock this icon?

Yes all normal trials. Go right to the last screen of icons and it should be at the end.

All challenges not just the trials. So you have to do score attack and time attack or whatever they’re called too.

No you don’t, I unlocked this after just completing normal trials. I may of done one or two of the score/time attack levels then but hadn’t completed either.

Well that sucks ass if I don’t get it, would be annoying for a glitch to ruin 1000g after i’ve done all of the hard trials.

Hmm, just double checked requirements and checked you had ‘complete all normal trials’ achievement. I guess it must be a bug if you don’t have it. You are looking all the way through the icon list, right? streetfighter4.com icon is the final icon on the last page.

I always thought that you had to also start and beat the game with all characters. That means getting all the intros and endings to appear in the gallery section. I’ve had to do this twice now to get that icon.

Yeah. Maybe i’ll get it for doing arcade with everyone on medium, apparently people have been unlocking it by doing that too.

I’ve completed all normal trials and don’t have the icon either…I’m thinking that requirement is listed wrong.

Odd if that works, I haven’t completing arcade with every character on medium either.

its not about the setting. you can beat the game with everyone on easy. its about getting AND watching all the available videos.

http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/street-fighter-iv/8629-streetfighter-com-icon-last-one.html (PS3 site, but same for 360)

I was going through on medium anyway to get the other achievement. Thanks for the link, hopefully that’ll work for me.

By the way, incase anyone was wondering I got the SFIV icon after getting all prologues and endings. Still haven’t done it on medium with everyone, but i’ll get around to it!

I have all normal trials, including suvivor, time and 90% of hard trials, all characters have beaten the game but still don’t have the icon…unless I need to beat the game with Seth?

Yes you do, you need to complete it with all characters to unlock the icon.