SFIV console issues

I’ve had 2 problems on my 360 version…

  1. the “VS” cutscene now lags every time (even offline)

  2. in the character selection: the sound effect when you switch and select fighters is gone…

anyone else had these issues?


And that probably means you need to clean off your CD and/or install to the hard drive.

well there is offline lag on the diner stage.

I’ve had number 1 happen to me loads of time and that isn’t really an “issue”, doesn’t affect combo timing or anything like that so you’ll be fine.

Ever since I downloaded it to my hard drive, I haven’t had any issues with my copy of SF. Might want to clean your disc, or see if it’s an upcoming 360 problem. I was playing SFIV when mine ended up doing error-74 on me, was all choppy and lines ran across the screen.