SFIV error 1335

I have a huge problem, and i have tried like, everything i could think about it.
I can;t install SFIV, i have the retail original game and the dvd is without scratches.

At the start i had windows vista 64 bit.

1: 1 month ago, my dvd drive, stopped working because, while creating an iso from a ps1 game of mine, the cd broke inside the drive, and i had to get out all the litttle pieces of the leftovers inside, but the drive didn’t work at all when i put it on back.

2: Ok, i ended like 3 weeks without drive until i got one, burned some ps1 isos with the drive, and all the games i burned didn’t work on my ps1, i found it weird.

I had to install windows vista 32 bit or 7 32 bit because i couldn’t run Turbo C++ 4.5 because that’s what im studying right now at college, and it doesn’t run on 64 bit OS.

So, the next day, i burned windows 7 32-bit. (this was to maybe fix the issue of not burning the ps1 games propietly and i had to install turbo C) with the same dvd drive, i formatted my pc, tried to install windows 7 and during the instalattion i got an error… i panicked… i supposed the dvd i burned with that drive didn’t burn propietly, so my bro lend me his cd, and i could install windows…

3: Ok, i installed windows 7, 32 bit. installed drivers and everything, up to date drivers like always, tried to install SFIV, i have the original Retail box game, and during the instalation i get the “Error 1335 data1.cab corrupt” i was like WHAT THE!?!? why!?, the menu had, Abort, Ignore and Retry, if i click Retry, the same error appeared, on Ignore, it game me another different error, "Error 2350"
I was like… what the hell… so… i searched on Google, and they where some tips for error 1335.

1: some said, i had to copy the data on the dvd to my pc then install from the hard drive,
2: some said to unregister and register windows install,
3: run a clean start up, disabling the startup programs when windows starts/
4: Clean the Game, i cleaned my sf4 cd.
5: install the lastest windows installer update.
6: swap the sata cable to another slot.

Nothing worked =/, so… i guessed it was windows 7 was still buggy. so i formated my pc again, installed windows vista 32 bit, installed all the drivers yet again, with a big pain in the ass and tired. and. guess what… got the same error!, so, i went with my old bro, he’s like my life saver when im stuck with pc issues, so, he lend me yet another dvd drive, this time has his drive, fully functional. swaped the one i had with his drive, and i got the same error…

I don’t know what to do… i also got another, should i install windows again with his dvd drive i have right now? i hope someone can help me.
sorry for my bad english.

Sounds like a bad drive.

Error 1335 means you are below level 1337.

oh shit D=
well… no one has an answer…

You should of got it on steam, it was on sale the other day too for 20bux.Your disc is messed up i guess, try downloading a iso and see if it installs.

Sounds like a bad drive or burn to me, man. Though for completions sake, for Windows 7, did you burn it at 1x, and did you let the disc verify the data? OS’ can’t really be burned higher than 1x with a great deal of accuracy in my experiences. I remember files failing to install when I would try 2k at higher speeds.