SFIV Fight Stick SE - Joystick quality

How is the actual joystick compared to stock Horis like the HRAP EX and EX2? I don’t really care so much about the buttons as long as they’re not too spongy and the stick is solid. I mean, I’d love arcade-perfect Sanwa parts, but $200 is a lot of money, especially with the high defect rate I’ve heard about so far, and I’m hesitant to buy another Hori, since the last 2 I bought had all the buttons fail within 5 months.

My ps3 SFIV SE stick came in yesterday, the joystick was stuck to the forward position and made a louder click when pushed back into neutral on 3 occasions. This was when i was learning to do moves on the stick in SFHDR training mode. i wasnt even whipping the stick around trying to beat on people online.