SFIV for iPhone...stick possabilities?

So this is a long shot and may turn into a running joke, but i’m kind of curious as to how one might be able to get a stick to work on an iphone.

It would presumably have to be bluetooth, but past that, I don’t have enough experience with either an iphone, or circuitry to be able to move forward with anything.

I’m sure others are curious as well so let this thread serve as a forum for brainstorming. I know there are some mad scientists out there who are considering the challenge.

** I know the concept is silly as a whole, but so is turning a “bop-it” into a stick, so we have proven time and again that practicality has no place here**

Anyone have any thoughts?

No outside controllers have been made for the Iphone yet. One company is currently working on an adaptor to add a dpad and some buttons but as we stand right now and for a while, it’s impossible.

Doesn’t the TvC stick use bluetooth? It wouldl take a lot of work to use it, but who knows?

How about sticks with AXISdapters?

…I’m sorry but SF4 on IPhone is just wrong!

Honestly, as long as they can make it control well, it will make a decent iphone game. It may not be the full SF4 experience, but it will be a decent time waster (as pretty much all iPhone games are) I had SF2Turbo for my voyager, and all the right stuff was there, even combos, but it controlled like ass and got deleted a week or 2 after I bought it.

Also, I believe the TvC stick gets attached to the wiimote, so yes it uses bluetooth, but not by itself.

iphone and android phones don’t yet support HID USB devices

Gettin’ close, though…

acutally if i recall there is a joypad addon of sorts for the iphone it was on engadget ages ago … im sure you could do something to that … i’ll post the link once found

edit : http://www.icontrolpad.com/ thats one im sure theres another

edit 2 : also i’d be up for having a go at this … im still very much a noob in stick building etc , but you gotta learn somehow lol:bgrin: