SFIV & GGAC @ Lovegety Station Results (09/13/2008)

1st - Kikomanchow (E Honda)
2nd - NeoRussell (Vega)
3rd - YellowS4 (Blanka/Ryu/Zangeif)
4th - Eric (Ryu/Rufus)
5th - Gerjay (E Honda)
5th - Ky-Ant (Sagat)
7th - Matt (Ken)
7th - FTK (Zangief)
9th - Nagata Lock II (Guile/Vega)
9th - Noodleman (Abel)
9th - DarkGigyas (Sagat/Abel)
9th - Fadi (Zangief)
13th - Jay Wang (Balrog)
13th - Virtuo (Sagat)
13th - JED07 (Guile)
13th - Psychochronic (Chun Li)
17th - Chr0nic
17th - B@rry
17th - Ricky
17th - Bill307
17th - RPGv2
17th - MythicExile
17th - Fidel_Castro
17th - Kymah
25th - Dice01
25th - Dan

1st - X-Sapphire (Slayer/Order Sol)
2nd - ZeroFalcon (Robo-Ky)
3rd - Tim (Testament)
4th - iCounterPick (Potemkin/Chipp)
5th - BoA (Order Sol/Ky)
5th - Anthony (Ky/Chipp)
7th - Cheatah (Robo-Ky/Aba)
7th - K2 (Johnny)
9th - Tony (Slayer)
9th - DarkDragon (Dizzy)
9th - MDK (Testament)
9th - Dawnbringer (Anji/Ky)

Personal highlight had nothing to do with SF. It’s all about watching Bill307 play that insane shoot em up and somehow not get hit by the billions of little bullets covering the screen.

No other tournaments went down because everyone wants to play and no one wants to direct.


Guilty Gear Accent Core (12 players)

1st - Almighty ME (Slayer, Order Sol)
2nd - ZeroFalcon (Robo-Ky)
3rd - Tim (Testament)
4th - iCounterPick (Potemkin, Chipp)
5th - BoA (Order Sol, Ky)
5th - Anthony (Ky, Chipp)
7th - Cheatah (Robo-Ky, Aba)
7th - K2 (Johnny)
9th - Tony (Slayer)
9th - DarkDragon (Dizzy)
9th - MDK (Testament)
9th - Dawnbringer (Anji, Ky)

GG to everyone and dinner was too beast.

Thats right bitch

and thx for dinner nazir, and this tournament was high

i came at 11 and evolved into the omega beast but missed the tourney

wat gei fail

gg’s, i almost wish i could’ve stayed instead of forfeiting the match lol.

fixed for all the beasting he delivered after he came

why would you say tony only used slayer when he used sol more than slayer?? lol

anyway, iCounterPick is banned from the next tourney for people’s safety reasons. Next tourney he’ll take you out to the back alley and stab you, this man will do anything to win, even changing characters after he won.

Justin: Good job running a really smooth tournament.

Looks like my nerves got the best of me and I didn’t stick to my original game plan. My bag also got stuck to the chair at one point to. :sad:

Over all it was a great learning experience for me. I hope to come back stronger and put up more of a decent fight the next tournament.

Congrats to all placers.

well i am disappointed in myself but i shouldnt expect so much from myself when im playin against people who are really good and play far more then i ever do.

combos on sticky note FTL

i’ll work on my blocking for next time. hopefully i’ll get a car sometime this year and i’ll be able to drive up there whenever the fuk i want =S. its kinda frustrating that i cant but oh well.

good games to all.

and thnx to nazir for the overall help. playin cpu slayer wont help me too much but i’ll definitely keep what you said in mind. i really appreciate it.

Don’t worry, these guys are fiends. FIENDS.

rofl. let’s ban all top 5 characters

ggs last night, some really great games. And thanks to everyone for the tips, it was a huge help for me.

don’t worry, robo ky is rather hard to fight against if you haven’t played much robo kys… and you happened to face 2 robo kys in the tourney :shake:

Seriously hope to see you more though, i’ve seen you beast so i know you’re a fiend too.

next tournament: eddie, potemkin, slayer, jam, testament, ORDER SOL is banned. Else my robo can’t scam :shake: (this means nazir is banned from playing, only directing lol)

i got totally wat gei-ed to 7th place, ugh

hey dawn, don’t play too safe, anji without risking = no return, u need to risk big and get little reward, playing safe against me just give me a hand full of alternations to deal with u. simplely butterfly >run in and i will panic, cuz i will be afriad of fuujin.

hey I got 9th man.
I mean, I could have switched it up to someone more powerful, even put in some counter characters but I had balls and I went out like a man…with dizzy.
shes hella fun.

how the hell did dat scrub x-sapphire win a tournament???

i hear that JS scrub was too afraid to show up for the tournament.

Glad I could entertain. :sweat:

Actually I had a great time with the 3s casuals and SFIV tourney matches. Thanks for hosting.

LOL, even stephen got something to say against that “Icounterpick” person. and don’t hide stephen!! i saw u were laughing when we were shit talking to Icounterpick, and u just pretended to play ur 15+ wins on 3s:looney:

this tournament was fun because everybody manned up with low tiers/their main characters

except this certain asshole whos no longer allowed at lovegety.

there was a bigger crowd cheering and stuff when iCounterPick got eliminated than the grand finals.

it should have been taped.