SFIV Grading

Does it tell how good you are? (Lets say you get BBB compared to DDD)

It means whenever you get A’s or B’s constantly you are considered a good player playing that particular character?:wasted:

No, it really don’t matter because it don’t really tell you anything.
If you get an A in offense, it mostly means your opponent was not defending properly, or just a KO
where if you get an A in defense you were just blocking most of your opponent’s attacks and taking dmg at a minimum.
tech just means your executions, on how good you do your specials and tech grabs and such.

If you look at it, and feel that it your doing good it can get you to confident or if you take it negatively it can make you feel inferior.

Sf4 should not be measured by “grades” and even the champion ranking gives a bit of bias to who you are playing against…IMO.

AAA means your opponent wasn’t very good, everything else is meaningless.

i put my controller down yesterday and my friend took the win in a 5 round match, and he got all E’s, making me lol a lot