SFIV Homemade arcade with 2 TE sticks


article can be found here

well done Capcom Unity and srk member Donovan /donovanmyers

man this looks awesome props bro

s-kill article



OK - thanks for the link
that is very cool!


Yay, Donovan finished and put up the Google SketchUp too.

Time to build one of these!


GODDAMN that shit is SERIOUS!


That is pretty damn sweet! Could just imagine friends coming over to battle it out lol.


This looks absolutely Amazing. Grats to the maker.


I couldn’t even tell the difference at first between this and a real Vewlix cabinet. It really does look that good and I’m surprised how flawless it looks.




Hey, thanks for posting this in here for me, erhem, horsedick. I may be a Unity member, but I’m also an SRKer. :wink:

Feel free to ask any questions in here and I’ll try and help.

Thanks again,


huge balls (& horsedick? - I’m sensing a pattern),

I cut out 2 straight pieces with 2 rounded corners (.75" thick) for the front and the back. Then I cut two boards that ran the length of the straight part that were 2.25" wide. Then I cut out 6 rounded corners (3 for each side, .75 x 3 = 2.25"). Once I screwed and glued all that together, I covered all the imperfections with drywall joint compound, then sanded to make it look like 1 piece.

Here’s some Flickr photos to help:

Sides: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donovanmyers/3402934900/in/set-72157615957035070/

Assembling: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donovanmyers/3402125879/in/set-72157615957035070/

More Assembling: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donovanmyers/3402126707/in/set-72157615957035070/

It was by far the most PITA part, and I’m still not 100% happy with it.



Great job on cabinet. With all that MDF being used, how much does it weigh?


just edited post to put your srk username , donovan you are a master dude, definatly something you can be really proud of, it looks awesome.


fuckin saved!

thats just epic looking. it’d be neat to see different colors for 1 and 2 players.


How do you ever leave your house!


I would buy a kit from you donovanmyers. :lovin:


Wow, I wouldn’t mind having one of those :open_mouth:


now you need a vewlix template for your TE’s :slight_smile:


That is some amazing work, I wish I had the patience to try something like that.


I need one more TE stick and I’ll start building one :smiley:


wow…thats awesome!