SFIV in Tacoma now!

Over at TZ.com, the owner of the arcade in Narrows Bowling Alley is seriously contemplating importing a SFIV cabinet there next week. If you really wanna play this game, it’d be a good idea to register and let your voice be heard.


Now the main thing I’m worried about is if he’ll be able to get his hands on just one cabinet. I heard the cabinets are supposed to be linked. In addition to that, should he get the cabinet, he wouldn’t be able to get any updates (should there be any) available. What’s bomb is that we would have data cards.

Here’s hoping something can happen. Finally, living in Auburn pays off.

Yeah Narrows!

That’s awesome, but I don’t know if I’d actually go down to Tacoma for that. :frowning:

i wonder if i could train it to Tacoma

I have a two month vacation from work starting in about a week. If this really happens, I will be there a lot! Thanks for the info Mandel.

I might have to go Narrows.

Okay. So there’s good news, and there’s bad news. Here it is!

Originally posted by mvco
Okay, we have one ordered. It’s a overly expensive game board kit set. Could only get one, argh! I suspect this will leave us with only a one player game? Better than nothing, but not what we wanted to achieve. It is unconfirmed, but I suspect that a single game only supports one player. Anyone know more about this? Looking at mid August installation at narrows, if all goes and ships as planned. It is the International English version.

So basically because of the way Capcom designed the cabinets, each cabinet is only one player. That’s because the person that steps up to play has the option of choosing a one player mode (beginner mode) or playing against other people. Thank you Capcom, thanks a lot…=/.

We’ll see what happens I guess. I heard that new kits are being made, so maybe we’ll get lucky. :looney:

omg fucking 1 player street fighter

what a disappointment :frowning:

Great news. Narrows was able to get their hands on another kit!


Originally posted by mvco
UPDATE, we found a second kit, so Narrows will have two big cabinets. 33" showcase to be exact. FYI, Friday nights there are not restricted now.

Alright so we’re in order now. They’re set for a mid-August install date. Yessir!

Nice, I’ll be driving down there for sure.

ZOMG ROAD TRIPPPPPPPPP. Plus tacoma slightly closer! Yay.

I’m definitely going to have to trek across the bridge from Kitsap side to see this.

Please be sure to post when the set-up is ready to play. Me and a few people from work are looking forward to heading down and playing this!

I will be there.

Im closer! YESSS!

Huge! Be there every weekend.

Is Whitefolks gonna be there? lollll

Mr. Whitefolks?

i will be driving up there all the fucking way from portland.

To visit my sister of course… :slight_smile:

Most likely. I talked to him the other day and he said he was interested.