SFIV IS HERE! NO NOTICE TOURNEY TIME! - Lovegety Station - 08/16/2008 - Toronto

Street Fighter IV was installed today (08/14) and as promised I will be running a tournament for it this coming Saturday August 16th.

Location: Lovegety Station

Registration: 4pm

Start Time: 5pm

Registration Fee: $5

Prize Distribution: 70/20/10

Format: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination, 3/5 Winners & Losers Finals, 4/7 Grand Finals

I’m not running any other tournaments. If people want to step up to run something else then by all means do so. I’ll be running this tournament and taping the entire thing. Post up if you’re coming.


  • This is going to sound engrossingly optimistic but I’m setting a 64 player cap.

  • Everyone be forewarned the cab is set at $1 per game so budget accordingly.

  • There is only one cabinet. As such, I’m going to be really strict on registration because we have no clue how long it’ll take. If you’re not there by 5:00pm and you haven’t at least called my cell to say you’ll be a bit late then don’t bother coming because we’ll have started without you.



(5PM start time … kinda late, no?)

It doesn’t open until 3:00pm.

FUCK why do i have to be busy on sat :frowning:

You should fix the thread name before it gets deleted. :sweat:

im so fucking there

Marvel heads show up and we can run a Marvel tourney.

fuck it I am going to canada right nowz!!!

calls greyhound for ticket

Team Old School.

FTK suggested a Team Tourney and I’d be down with it. I’m going to have to set the minimum number of entrants at 24 (8 teams). I’d prefer to do SBO rules (no duplicate characters). I’m obviously looking for partners. Jay & Jay Wang?

in like flynn

More like 2 hours too early :tdown:

I’m in, even if the manager hasn’t gotten all 6 buttons working by then.

Nice I get to freeload with Gerjay’s beast honda

I’m 85% going.

I asked the manager about this.

He hopes you guys can do him a favour and let as much ppl join as possible (without fucking up the tourney of course). It is the first saturday that SF4 arrived and he’d like it if new customers would be able to try the game instead of watching others play it in a tournament. So try to get things done as quick as you can and let people who seem to be interested in the game know about the tourney so let them join.

Thats all i hafta deliver. Thanks guys

Good shit getting the hype started, Nagata. Will there be vids? I’m sure there will be, but I like asking that question to add more lines to this post.

It was a tough decision, but I’m out. I’ll have to go down there another day, preferably one where I won’t be up all night due to SBO, among other little things. =/

If you haven’t already given up and gone to bed, the SBO stream is showing almost no matches, just a whooole lot of filler. Get a normal night’s rest and go play SF4 tomorrow.

Ultra comboooooooooo.