So things are looking great so far!! A LOT of people interested in the league (I believe 8 teams so far!).

Now the next step, and I’m hoping to see who can help me out here:

VENUES - what’s the point of having a league, if we can’t play anywhere?

To those that hold sessions regularly around here, if you are willing to open up your place to hold tournament wars, please PM me and let me know you’re down, please include what days you are able to hold events (please include as many days as you can, it’ll help out in the long run).

I’m going to try and talk to the place Brent mentioned, as well as Play N trade to see what it’d cost to hold something there.

Current Venues available:

Next up is equipment - what is the point of having a league if we have nothing to play on?

Ideally since what I want to happen is to put up each set on youtube kinda like a TV show we’d need the following equipment:

4 cameras (one main, 2 on each player, one for filming the crowd)
At least 2 tripods
2 TV’s (would love to set it up as a head to head style.)
The xbox game disk and save I’ll bring mine so that’s covered.

Again thank you for your questions, suggestions, compliments, and interest in this event. Please keep the feedback coming :slight_smile:

I’m down to represent new blood lol

Frank that sounds awesome but the coordination points wise, team wise, organization of when and where. Not everbody make is to whatever tourney there is. What if only 1 or 2 on a team show up? Can the still play as a 1 or 2 person team? It would be hard to do something like that, but I’m totally game for it if someone who knows what they’re doing is running it. This could be completely awesome done right or a total cluster-fuck

ya this sounds amazing (especially since i already have a 3 person team lol). if it was set up properly id definitely be down

For the most part, if you commit to being on a team it is your responsibility to make it out. Of course we’d try to set up something so that we can make it possible for people to come out (Mandel and myself come to mind), but if I were to make a ruling on it, we could maybe set up one reschedule, and if they can’t make it out then well it’ll be 2 on 3. If the three person team beats the other two players, they’d still get awarded 3 points. So pretty much if you’re going to be on a team make sure you can make it out to the events.

Also keep in mind that since it’s a league we don’t really need every team to come out to a specific venue or place. I kinda want to go all out with it and definately like record matches, get some interviews have commentary the whole nine yards production wise, so I was thinking if this gets off the ground no more than 2 or 3 “sets” per venue, and ultimately those that go to the venue (or session depending on how this goes), during these sets I’d really like for everyone there to watch meaning NO CASUALS on other setups.

When it gets off the ground there will be a lot of planning ahead of time, but keep the questions/suggestions coming! I know mystic already has a 3v3 team geard and ready to go. I could see some buff ass teams being made =D.

And like venue wise, we have a lot of places that a few of these sets can be held:

Jared’s (when he reopens)
Pat’s (when he reopens)
Afro Dojo
we could even be slick and probably pull one or two @ Gameworks (console characters permitting)
Mandel’s Bar Fight’s
Mandel’s house of horrors and chicken
My place
Riki’s if he can.

that’s 8 possibly 9 venue’s right there. Of course we’d want the playoffs to be somewhere where a lot of people can come and watch. But yeah I really think we can get this going!

Totally down for this. What about regional teams? LOL. I mean, we have me and Jeff here in Kent. Trace is here in Kent too but he’s on injured reserve.

Look at Danktecks over here. :rofl: :tup:

I’d be down to spectate. No team would want dead weight in a guy who doesn’t show up to events. ahaha

I forsee like grudge matches, and hype building promo videos with dudes just calling each other out before the matches. All UFC/WEC-like and whatnot.

I Would totally be down for this, seems like a lot of fun to me.
How do teams get made? Is it Captain Style or just form a group with two other people you want to be with?

You need a sick name for a sick idea like this, Frank.

I think this would be really sick.

good god. beastly.

I was just gonna copy the name I was going to give for sessions at my house:

Frankdadank’s Tournament Wars.


Frankdadank present’s: tournament wars season 1

this idea is so full of win i think i need to go touch myself…

team anal punishment!

A few more questions I thought of while running around at work…
Are teams locked in place when the league begins?
What happens when a new team wants to form when the league has begun? Do they need to wait until the next season?
Seems basic but these should be defined for consistency.
Who wants to be on my team? Jeff? Elias?

Are 3 team members it? How about a 4 man roster with 1 alternate in case a member can’t show?

And yea, how are we picking teams? I like the idea of a regional battle. But nobody has commented on that yet.

This could be run just like a bowling league, which would be a good way to base a lot of the basic rules of conduct on.

I would be down if I could get a team together.

Tournament Wars sounds so good for a name. I say use it!

I agree with Carlos. This idea is really good, but it won’t be easy to pull off.

Protip: Go against the norm and refrain from starting the name of your team with “Team”. It makes you 100x better than the other teams.

In regards to picking teams, I figure ppl just forming up in 3’s would be fine (the alt thing could wait for season 2 if we really have an issue of having teams show up in whole). If someone wants to go and make a regional/city team I’d see no problem with it, but I guess it’d be down to the team itself. Example of teams that I could see:

Team anal punishment: josh/jacob/krangkrai
Team mnf’s: me/mandel/mickey
Team afro: cole/ltb/king?
Team king: king/adam/riki
Team fresh faces: jared/ghrrk/dugg
Team white boys: nolan/trace/elliot

Again these are just example’s who knows how teams’ll look in the end. I don’t think I’d have teams jump in “late” cause they’d have to catch up Maybe have a cut off time of 2 weeks after the season begins.

The main point of the league is to keep the competitive level of sfiv (and possibly other games like marvel) strong and going in seattle, after nwm’s we are tentatively left with gamecluck’s and when mickey get’s his venues going that. This will keep the competitiveness going instead of like having 1 or tourney’s a month.

Again thanks for the questions suggestions and feedback, more is welcomed. I’ll be taking some notes at work in regarding a start date, league fees, prizes, equipment etc. Etc. But expect an official post regarding the league very soon…the intertest seems to be there!