SFIV League!

Hey, check this out: The Electronic Sports League has created a new SF4 Ladder for the US PC players: http://www.esl-america.net/us/sf4/news/93821/.

For people who dont know anything about the ESL: The Electronic Sports League is one of the biggest European leagues for professional computer gaming (700.000 registered members, 315.000 teams and 4.2 million matches).
Since the latest they also have a league fr US PC Players and now also a Street Fighter 4 Ladder. Here you can read the SF4 Ladder rules: http://www.esl-america.net/us/sf4/1on1/ladder/leagueinfo/

For people who come from europe they can join the europe ladder: http://www.esl.eu/eu/sf4/1on1/ladder/
I also play there!

So maybe you try this out.

Sweet. I’m on the US ladder.

Catch you all there

Come one, there must be more then 11 people who want to play in the American Ladder.
I asked the Head Admin, every one from North or South America can join the Ladder. For people who are new to the Electronic Sports League they get help here:

Here you can see the Standings http://www.esl-america.net/us/sf4/1on1/ladder/

The league also still search for SF4 Admins. So register now and play some games :smiley:

Very cool. I’m definitely in… I’ll just have to look over how it works and the rules and stuff. As long as nothing is too out of the ordinary I’ll sign up.

edit: I think I signed up. I know it’s done manually, but… shouldn’t it not allow me to sign up again If i’ve already done so? I’m not in the league, but the link “do you want to sign up” is still available, I don’t want to send a sign up twice, but i’m not sure if the first one went through…

So how do we contact one another, through msn/aim? or what, and timezone differences… AAAH… I think this is gonna be hell…

BOTH players get 1 pp? So if I happen to challenge people who just avoid playing we both get pps?

edit, again: Alright, I put a couple matches in the matchmaker for today and tomorrow. I hope someone actually checks and accepts. (The time is in the timezone I chose when I signed up right?)

The admins must check all the League Joins manual. So it can be that you must wait some time before you are accepted.

No, if you dont play the match it will be deleted. Nobody will get Penalty Points. But if you have a match and the other person doesnt show up, he will get Penalty Points (or both agree an other date)

Timezone: Yes, i think so.

Matches: Yes there are serveral options how you can organice a match: Contact people on msn/aim and ask them, Matchmaker, Challenge player on there profile …

What the heck? someone put a game on matchmaker half an hour later than the time I put earlier today So i figure, ok I’ll play that one… But when i try and click on it it says “already open match”

and when i click on the player it says

whatever that means…

Mh, very strange. I figure out whats the problem is. Did you try to Challenge hin in his player profile?

Ok, I think I found the problem.

Maybe it is the same opponent like in this match: http://www.esl-america.net/us/sf4/1on1/ladder/match/14785340/
But you canceled the match. A Tip for the future, If somebody challanges you, you can also change the date of the match, as long as both agree a date.

OH i see. He chllenged me I declined that one. and I could accept the challenge… It’s in an hour. I hope he shows up for it.

I don’t see a place to upload the result. will it automatically appear when the time specified comes? or am I just blind?

edit: eurgh. he didn’t show up.

Hmm… He showed up an hour later and we decided to play the match anyway. but now i can’t change the score in the report screen… I can only change the “match completed successfully / [player] did not show” option…

The Problem was that you both acceptet the 0:0. When both accept a result you can not change it anymore. You could change the “did not show” option, because both of you said the other person did not show up. But it must be uniform.

Anyway, I changed the result now, results are registered. Hey the first match in ESL America :smiley:

Yeah thats is very nice :smiley:

Hmm. This morning I noticed in my email the Inactivity notice… And I set a match maker to 11:30pm (as i did for all my previous matches, I really can’t play any other time…) I checked just now to see if anybody accepted, just to find that I was kicked… And I can’t join again because I was banned… I think you should put something like, If they have a matchmaker post they shouldn’t be kicked… If I join again, will I still have my records from before? or not ><

I was interested in this but it seems like too much trouble. good luck with it though.