SFIV Matching making system

So I was reading this article and I don’t understand why they choose a system where the user has to pick a game from a list.

Why can’t they just make a quick match options which automatically pairs you against someone of same or higher skill and low latency? For instance, if anyone played Warcraft 3 would know that Battle.net automatically finds your next oppenent without searching through a list of games.

Working on? does this mean there’s currently no penalty for pullers? greeaaaat.

coming out with a tournament system soon so be patient. available as downloadable content.

Try Arcade Req.

Won’t guarantee a higher skilled player, but it does a good job of automatically pairing you up with people while you play the computer in arcade mode.

such a waste of time trying to join games. just practice your combos in arcade mode and set your fight request to on. you will find matches easily. also you can set how many rounds you want.

Yeah, Arcade Request is a godsend compared to trying to find a game yourself. They should seriously fix that in the next patch. That, and a spectator lobby.