SFIV: Midwest Matchmaking


Since lag can be quite the pain, and connection bars aren’t necessarily correlated with lag, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just better to fight within your own region.

In an effort to limit frustation for those who care to fight with better connections, this thread will list Midwest gamers and their locations. Hopefully you can find some people near your skill level for some decent player matches. Please post your info in the following format:

GFWL Gamertag
City, State
Main, Second, Third, etc.

St. Louis, MO
Sim, Cammy

Also, please feel free to use this thread for… yes, matchmaking!
Discussions between Midwest SFIV players are welcome as well.

latino kourck
Springfield, IL
Rufus, Sagat

Southern Illinois
Rufus, Chun, Viper, Ken, Honda, Ryu, Blanka

St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, MO
Sim, Cammy

Downrite Fierce
Canton, OH


sorta midwest…

Downrite Fierce / Prorook (switch it up depending on if theres people in g1 or not, but mostly on downrite fierce)
Canton, OH


springfield il,
latino kourck
rufus, sagat


There’s a tourney this Sat. in St. Louis if anyone is interested.



Yo prorook, hella good fights last night! We need to do that again sometime soon. That connection isn’t quite what I’d hoped for, but it’s WAY better than most.


yeaaa gfs mang. Heh, I have no idea how to play against anything other than shotos yet :looney:

Really weird that it was 1 bar in the lobby but felt like a 3-4 bar connection. I think its probably on your end because my connection with random players isn’t as terrible as you’re saying it is. Should probably check your pc for ad-ware and whatnot ;]


St. Louis, MO


What’s up Mr. Slips?! Did you make it to the Stl. tourney on the 19th?


I just sold my xbox this week and ordered a new PC.
How do you guys find SF4 to be on PC. (laggy?, cant find matches?)
Im converting so I can capture replays easier, to assist training

When I get SF4 up and running I’ll post my info in here.

Ryu, Gouken


Laggy for the most part, that’s why this thread was created. Even if the connections bars look good, you could end up playing someone with bad specs which adds to lag. Also, some maps add more lag than others, and most people pick random maps.
If you have your ports forwarded it’s not difficult to find matches.


ok kool. I’m fimilar with port forwarding, so I should be able to accomplish that.
See you guys online soon. Should I buy a retail copy of or just dl from steam


I bought the retail version way back when, and I’ve never purchased from Steam, so you may have to do a little research.


I think there are fewer Americans with the PC version so it can be hard to find good connections. But there is no input lag on the PC version to me compared with the PS3 version I had. I play the PC version way more now.


One of the main reasons i want to play ono PC is so i can create replays easier for training purposes.
IDK how to get soigned up to play online but I’m sure its straight forward.
I dont mind spending $40 for a retail copy to avoid laggy play or any other complications

thanks for the tips guys


Nannie, where you at?!


Just ctrl + f your state in my thread.


This thread is unneeded even though mine lacks midwest organization.


Get hype everyone. MWC is back!



Southern Illinois
Rufus, Chun, Viper, Ken, Honda, Ryu, Blanka


Yo, Stl. Ranbats 02/20/2010: