SFIV mini sticks


Just spotted these new SFIV mini sticks.

Must… resist… urge… to… buy.


… awesome.

I hope akihabarashop stocks these!


Holy crap that’s awesome. But these things are either pretty big phone charms or the guy in the video has the world’s tiniest hands.


they had a pic of it attached to a phone.

it’s pretty big. maybe almost half the size of a standard cell phone (non smartphones)

these are up for pre-order on ebay by the same seller.
just do a search under street fighter keychain.

shipping early Sept. according to them.

I’m interested in picking up a couple, though probably won’t be carrying these around with me… anywhere… bit bulky.


yeah man i want a boxer one (getting paid)!!


Man, I could totally use that for Zangief.
Just bind 3P + 3K and you’re all set :bgrin:

edit just had to do it


lol, now this is a brilliant gadget for sf geeks.


so it actually has working buttons and stick, you could actually make something out of this with an external project box :o


Its cool, but I woudln’t pay $13 for something that is going to scratch the fuck out of my phone when its in my pocket… considering the size.


That could very likely be modded into a nes or snes controller. Just might also be enough room to fit a chulhu in there provided you wired it up without using the board. For $13 I’ll try it out.

Will anyone else take up the challenge? Or make bets?


I saw that last night when I was doing my usual Strapya run.
Pre-ordered Dhalsim and Ryu.


when is this going to be released? i wonder if i can integrate the chun li mini stick into my arcade stick:lovin:


Haha those look great. Bust it out under the dinner table and watch as everyone wonders wtf is going on.


imagine those with pressure sensitive buttons…


If they had of Sakura, I would order one right now. Hmm maybe down the line they’ll have one.


holy crap imma order one, is that site safe haha