SFIV Mini-Tourney/Fest Sunday the 15th Shoreline area


Doesn’t look like anything is going on - I’ll be having some of my buddies over for some SFIV this weekend and you SRK guys are MORE than welcome to join us!

We can for sure fit more than normally come (which is like 4 people or so plus me) and I’d love to have more people come - we’d need more setups though. As it stands we can do 2 setups - which is fine for a small-ish number of players. We’d have 2 360 setups - so if you guys have ps3 stuff you would want to bring that too.

I know I haven’t made it to one of preppy’s events yet - which might make this less successful than desired with you guys. And that’s totally legit.
Unfortunately things have been pretty crazy for me lately which is why i havne’t made it to Preppy’s yet. I actually just lost my job - the movie theater I worked at closed - they gave us 4 days notice. -_____- (mount lake 9 if you are wondering - it’s been shut down)

So now I’m unemployed - which sucks. But for a little while at least that means I’ll be able to meet up with you guys to play and not worry about work haha - hopefully a VERY short term situation though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If anyone wants to come this weekend just post here and I’ll get you guys directions and the like.

I’d prefer to do things saturday - but I can do sunday if you guys are working - so just let me know if you’re interested and if there is anything else doing on.

if you wanted to text me for any reason my phone number is (206) 399-7868


I’m pretty sure I can make it. I can bring my 360 and a SF4, but I would prefer to not bring my TV, so it would be cool if someone could bring one. I also don’t have a stick, so I will be going pad warrior.

Sorry to hear about the job.


Yo gimpy I didn’t know you were on SRK? cool

I gotta check the work schedule but I’ll most likely be there. I’ll try to bring a PS3 with sf4.


Something in my neck of the woods~! I’d probably go.

Weird that the mountlake 9 went tits up. :confused: That sucks… sorry you got laid off: that’s how I lost my last job. :bluu: I’ll miss the neon sign! I remember that thing from when I was little.


Sunday please I got work Sat. and I would make the drive for some SF4 sessions!


looks like its going to be saturday most of my friends who were all planning on coming already can’t do it sunday =(

if you guys are still down obviously - i’ll pm you guys my address and my phone number so you can get some info from me if you need more


Hey Gimpy, it looks like I’m not going to be able to make it this Saturday. Sorry to back out, but I got offered some work hours so I am going to be in Auburn after the Tukwila Gamestop Tourney.

I’ll definitely make it up some time though, so if your going to keep hosting, you might as well make this your thread, and post up when your next one is going to be.


wow psyche its on sunday LOL everyone came over today and was like “oh i thought you said sunday”

so it’s sunday - i’ll change this thread up when i get back from a church service in like an hour and a half


i sent out messages to people who said they might want to come - a few of my buddies are confirmed to go for sure too

hopefully i’ll see you guys tomorrow


I might be interested in this, where is this taking place @? And what time? Brent what’s up with a ride =D


it’ll be around 7pm i guess in shoreline - i sent you a pm to give you my address and phone number


Do you have a TV there for me to setup my PS3 on or will I need to bring one of mine?


we’ll have a tv so don’t worry about it - should be a nice little gathering tonight - frank, mechanica and brent do you know if you’re coming?


Sorry Gimpy, its a bit to far for me to drive tonight. I’m in Federal Way. I was going to be in Burien/Seattle on Saturday, so it would have been better. Post up the next time though and I will try to make it.


I’m not going to make it either :(. I kinda drank too much last night, and while I don’t feel hungover, I don’t feel like doing much of anything today :frowning: