SFIV Modding Colors by Ztitus (summary on fist post)



Ce topic aura pour but de rfrencer tout mes mods pour Street Fighter IV.
Vous pouvez aussi me faire part de vos ides pour de futur mods dans ce mme topic :wink:

Voici donc la liste de mes mods actuelle (liste que je mettrait jour rgulirement).*


In this topic I will refer all my MODS for Street Fighter IV.
You can also take me your ideas for future MOD in this same topic :wink:

Here the list of my mods (list which I would update regularly).*

SFIV Modding Colors by Ztitus Donwload list

# Chun Li Goth v1.0
# Balrog Black & White v1.0
# Ryu Evil Streetwear v1.0
# Rose the Nurse v1.0
# Fashion Viper v1.0
# Sakura the Bee v1.0
# Chun li Christmas Girl v1.0


That’s some impressive editing work there. :tup:

I wonder if we’ll get even more mods with even more radical costume changes in the future. Should be fun!


You stole my garter belt idea… lol

I messed around with the benchmark just after it came out. http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w297/ryuushiro/Image15-1.jpg


Goth Chun Li is HOT


This looks really nice, man. I hope we see a lot more of these in the near future.

I’m surprised there aren’t more of these sorts of thing already.


Damn that looks tight…good stuff.


Excellent work dude! I can’t wait to see all the future Mods. Man am I stoked!


thank you, I would do it certainly other, a little patience which I find time and the ideas :wink:


Yeah gotta admit those are pretty sick, especially that Goth Chun.


are you going to release these mods so people can use the skins on their own machines or ?


The Goth mod of chun Li is downloadable on the link which I gave.

And yes of course that they function on all the machines


nice work


What channel does the DDS have to be saved as? I’m using DDS tool with CS2 but it’s crashing when I go to load the color.

Edit: Ok nevermind. After some trial and error I figured out that it’s DXT5 ARGB 8bpp | interpolated alpha for those who are interested. NOTE: Some textures are different and require different save methods.


Very nice mod.


SFIV Modding Color - Balrog Black & White


Aujourd’hui, je vous prsente un nouveau mod pour Street Fighter IV.
Cette fois ci, c’est au tour de Balrog de subir les lois du relookage ^^

Sans plus tarder, je vous envoie visiter la page de prsentation et de tlchargement du mod en question :wink:


Today, I present a new MOD for Street Fighter IV to you.
This time, it’s with the turn of Balrog to undergo the laws of the relooking ^^

Without delaying more, I send you to visit the page of presentation and downloading of the MOD in question;)


let’s keep this all in one thread.
less messy that way :slight_smile:


thats alright but not as good as chun goth.

like the beard.


Cool! I like your attention to detail Ztitus.


damn, this is pretty cool man. Are you gonna post a tutorial or at least tell us which program you used? texmod doesn’t work as we know already since there is a launcher.exe.


I love that Balrog edit. The beard is a great addition.