SFIV no matches found?


IDk if anyone has ran into this, but i was trying to play online and it says i cant find any matches, even when my parameters for the search are ANY for everything.

ITs weird because i can play lag free matches in SFHD and every other game online, i dont think its a capcom thing because i was playing RE5 last night, so any clues on this? should i un install? I just got the game and i just want to play lol.

Help is appreciated.


I am not sure how the parameters work yet. They seem random as all hell. I will change my setting for “more skilled” and will find 5-8 people try to join and a game will be full. I then will re-try and it will tell me that nothing matches my settings. You have to be patient and keep at it. I have had a lot better luck with trying to join player matches. You also have the option to just go to player match/ranked match and just create one. I have never had to wait more then like a minute doing that.


This also happened to me one day. I was searching for matches and it just kept saying no sessions existed or something like that. I received an invite and tried joining but that also wouldnt work. Ended up rebooting the ps3 and everything was back to normal. Probably just crazy psn shenanigans.