SFIV PC coin op?

Hi guys,

Our local arcade just got SFIV which is great! But it’s a little weird… It’s actually the PC version working as a coin op. It’s not on a timer but credit based. It has “insert coin” overlaying the screen and in cut sceens it says “please wait”. After completing it on arcade it goes to the pc menu and auto selects arcade and difficulty. And yes all cosole characters are available.

Has anyone heard of this before??

whoa thats actually kinda kool lol try to record a vid of it for me

Will do today :smiley:

sounds like a crazy hacked-up combination of the arcade/pc versions.

i’ve not seen the contents of an ac version hard drive. maybe they’re similar in some way?

It’s also 2 player

STL has something like that cept its 360 and its timer based. its like 5 dollars for 40 mins and 1 dollar for 8 its pretty sweet cept the joystick and buttons are Chinese knockoffs

All sf4 cabs run on pcs , maybe its a updated version.

There is no arcade update with the console characters. It’s an unlicensed hack.

It even flases up with a GFWL login sometimes. And instead of saying player 2 press start it says insert coins.

A PC hack with console characters in an arcade? Wow, wish all arcades did this considering I play a console character.

That’s badass. We need to see pics and get a low down on how to do it.

Seeing as how a normal arcade version runs on a PC and even on WinXP to be exact they could have easily (or someone somewhere if they had the actual arcade version + pc version) did a compare of the code then changed what they needed to make it work… I mean there are such amazing hackers out there (that put their evil to good) I wouldn’t doubt this would be a hard thing to do…

wow that sounds beast… need that in NC lol

That’s what I’m fucking talking about… How the hell is this done?

pretty sure i mentioned this as the best feature possible on console ports of the damn game.

I think it might be the pc version Excellentcom.net is selling I received an email for this week. Costs about 868.00

how long until we can play sf4 rainbow edition and sf4 kouryu

Is there any more info on this… I couldn’t find anything at the site

The credit thing flashes a lot in the game when u insert coins so it could just be a background program that does memory modification.

Sounds illegal, yet oh-so-cool!

And makes me wonder why Capcom didn’t do the same when the console version came out.