SFIV PC Graphics Adapter select


Hey all. So I have Street Fighter IV up and running on my computer, but I have a bit of a pickle. I run tri-mon on my computer, and am using the onboard graphics to drive my third monitor. The problem is that SF for some strange reason decides to render the game off of the onboard instead of my graphics card. The game is still being displayed on my primary though.
I was wondering why the game felt so slow after a while, so I ran benchmark and there it was, the details at the top were telling me it was running off the onboard. I’m pretty stumped, my main monitor is set as primary, and I couldn’t find any settings in the registry or the Capcom folder. Is there anything I can do short of disabling my onboard adapter?


hmm interesting it would opt for the worse processing unit :confused: i would of thought it would at least share it… are you running full screen / windowed? maybe try both see what comes out.


Nope, it doesn’t make a difference. This is quite annoying, I always have stacks of windows open and having to either live with only two displays or having to reset everytime I want to play SF is pretty unreasonable. Is there absolutely no way to force SF to render on my main card? It seems like an isolated problem, all my other games render on my primary card.


Did you try checking your GPU settings? Or maybe your video adapters under device manager? Maybe something there selects which is the primary adapter.