SFIV PC on Steam for $10.20 today (ended)


Save 66% on Street Fighter IV on Steam


I don’t know how great Amazon’s Digital Downloads are, but they have it for even cheaper. Not sure if there is tax on top of the price though.


Amazon.com: Street Fighter IV: Video Games

I’m just rather sick at how they aren’t releasing Super Street Fighter IV for PC, so as hard as this is going to be to pass up a second time since I missed it last year on Steam, I must stick by my guns as a disgruntled Street Fighter fan. If the real reason is Piracy that is bullocks, and surely it isn’t cause they would obviously realize this, but if it is they are so far gone upstairs that I guess it’s time to move on. I truly wanted to play T. Hawk, but after spending dollar after dollar on Street Fighter things, only to have to give up my Xbox 360 on Ebay due to personal reasons but keeping my Tournament Stick in hopes that maybe, just maybe it would get released to PC to play, I’m calling it good on this deal. Thanks but no thanks. Looks like it’s back to WoW…

Lets see all that I’ve bought only to feel betrayed.

TE Arcade Stick
Street Fighter 4 Anniversary Edition

Not to mention the fact that I got people that would never even think of playing it, to get into it, forcing them to get arcade sticks, and to also go up to an arcade that had some machines. Where if you even have half a brain know what it costs to play, not including the gas, and time we wasted doing it. Since obviously those arcades are a couple of hundred miles away. If you are in to deep with the console makers, I guess that is fine, I understand. But at least be more honest with your fans, because you are definitely losing this one.

And I realize that no one from Capcom will read this, but I did feel the need to chime in to at least give the true fans a heads up on a better deal since I found this one from a post on the Steam forums under the Street Fighter IV section… go figure.


pass pass pass … ssfiv or bust