SFIV PC Screenshot request:


I’ve got a crazy idea for some stick art… Any chance anyone can hook me up with a high resolution (as high as you possibly can, stuff turned up etc) of color 6 (Red!) Rufus when he finishes his ultra (the ‘GOODBYE!’ raise the Rufus portion.) Training stage as background would be fantastic (easy to cut out)… I just want him and the shockwave, so… the enemy being a little far way would be nice.

Much rep and love to whoever can hook me up.


Just to make sure, you mean this, right?




Tried to use that pic… damnable IGN watermark.


I don’t have his 6th color, but in case you don’t mind his default color, here you go.


does noone like playing with the filters on??


nice work on that one


That’s pretty much exactly what I’m looking for… Thanks a lot. <3

Doesn’t really seem like it, I liked that ‘ink filter’, I think it was on the benchmark.


watercolour for me, looks like animated movie :tup:


Hmmm. I managed to get a really clean render of Rufus from that picture, thanks… I just need to figure out how to do the smoke and rings as a transparency, in my attempt to constantly raise the bar on stick art… This might be a bit of a challenge.


Maybe one of you photoshop vets can help me out here so I can (attempt) to wrap my head around how to do this? I basically want to take the smoke and shockwave in that picture and put them with that render I just did, but semi-transparent… without the background. I know I’ve seen it done before, but… I’m kind of at a loss on how to do it myself. Hmm.


I’m not a photoshop guru, so I don’t know if there’s a better way to do it, but if I was gonna go for it, I’d probably try one/a combination of these 2 things

  1. do as good of a job as you can of cutting them out (also cut out the inside of the large shockwave as much as you can without getting the wave itself. Maybe touch it up with the eraser tool and some blur. But it on it’s own layer over the bg you are going to use, then change the layer blending mode for that layer. Experiement and see if you can get one that keeps the white of the shockwave, but blends whatever piece of the BG you had to retain well enough into the bg that you dont’ notice it anymore.

  2. Use the color range selection option (experiment with the level of tollerance) to select out whatever portion of the bg you are unable to get rid of just by cutting. That might make it look a little unnatural, you can try to fix that with some blurring maybe?

Whenever I’m in a situation like that I try some stuff like this and just experiment around. Often times I can find a pretty good solution. Good luck


Here’s what I wound up doing:

I took the line tool and traced the rings to the best of my ability, then I went over my new selections with a 30% occapacity white brush in a new layer, then on my new image (my stick art) I copied it, resized it to fit Rufus’s hands a bit better, and set it to soft light.

The end result looks something like this:



Whoooooa. Satanic Rufus.


post some pics when you’re done, I’d like to see ow it turns out. I always though screenshots wouldn’t be viable to use as stick art because they aren’t that large compared to the stick templates, and would be blurry if you resize them. Can a template that isn’t totally crisp when viewed at 100% still print out sharp? Like, is there an equivalent percentage you can view it at to see how clear it would look like when it’s printed?


I eyeball TE templates at around… 77%.

Screenshots will work, but not 720p screenshots.

edit: Plus, I chose a naturally murky/grungy theme, so any blurriness will be lost in the final composition anyway.



Thanks to Manman, Chasem0, and the musical stylings of Gorillaz.

Heading to Kinkos tomorrow.


Ugh, converted to CMYK to take to Kinkos and now I’m having a trouble getting that bold red back even with adjusting levels… wtf.


Aight yo, I got a request for stick art using a screenshot from someone else and was wondering if someone could hook me up with a picture of Rose in the middle of her Focus Attack?

I need a pretty good shot in order to be able to do it, high res too please. <3 Thanks.